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3 Important Acupoints On The Bottom of Our Feet That Promote Kidney Health & Longevity!

3 Important Acupoints On The Bottom of Our Feet That Promote Kidney Health & Longevity!

3 Important Acupoints On The Bottom of Our Feet That Promote Kidney Health & Longevity!

Recommended by Chinese physicians! Massage and tap these 3 important acupoints can nourish our kidney easily, daily.

Among the five internal organs, the kidney is the main store of essence, and is the innate foundation and the root of life. For example, avoid staying up late, quit drinking, quit smoking, control blood pressure, heart pressure, moderately exercise to avoid obesity, consume less sodium, high-fat foods to avoid affecting blood pressure...etc. If you want to nourish your kidneys, you can effectively avoid the threat of kidney disease by massaging and tapping key acupoints!

The primary job of preventing kidney disease and taking care of your kidneys is to avoid risk factors from entering your life. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that if you want to nourish the kidneys, dark color food can enter and heal the kidneys, and you can eat more dark color foods to nourish the kidneys and qi and achieve the effect of long term kidney-care.

Acupoints, Yongquan acupoints, Guanyuan acupoints, etc., combine with kidney nourishing teas, or TCM supplements can achieve max the effect with half the effort.

Massage 3 Acupoints That Nourishes The Kidney

  • Yongquan Point - the "longevity point" for kidney nourishing and strengthening the vitality

  • Yongquan Point is a very important point on the Kidney Meridian of Foot Shaoyin. It is located at the intersection of the anterior third of the midline of the sole of the foot, which is the depression in front of the sole of the foot when the toes are flexed. "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" says: "The kidney comes out of the spring, and the spring is the heart of the foot." It means that the qi of the kidney meridian is like the water of the source, which comes from the feet and pours out to irrigate the whole body and limbs. Therefore, Yongquan Point plays an important role in health care.

    Regarding the benefits of massaging Yongquan acupoint, there is a song saying: "Sanli Yongquan acupoint is a wonderful formula for longevity. “ Press it a hundred times before going to bed, it can strengthen the spleen and nourish the blood. It can nourish the qi and spirit, and protect the three treasures; It can be seen that the frequent massage of Yongquan acupoint can make a person full of kidney essence, clear ears and eyesight, full of energy, strong sexual function, strong waist and knees, and strong walking.

  • Shenshu Point
  • The Shenshu acupoint is located on the back of the lower back, 1.5 inches below the second lumbar vertebra, and it is flush with the navel in front, which is exactly the second lumbar vertebra (Mingmen acupoint of the Governor Vessel).

    Efficacy: The Shenshu acupoint is located on the back of the waist, and the second lumbar vertebra is opened 1.5 inches below the side.

  • Guanyuan Point
  • Guanyuan acupoint is located 3 inches (four fingers wide) directly below the navel. As long as you put your hands on the lower abdomen, palms face down and close together, the place where the finger pulps of both middle fingers are located is Guanyuan Point.

     Efficacy: Guanyuan acupoint is the place to converge and hide the primordial spirit. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Guanyuan acupoint is the "second heart of human beings", which can help regulate Qi. Frequent urination is due to deficiency of kidney qi and coldness of the lower energizer. To improve, the urogenital system can be protected by pressing acupoints.


    kidney-nourishing tea

    ★ Cassia hawthorn tea

    Ingredients: 10 grams of hawthorn, 10 grams of cassia seeds

    Method: Wash the ingredients, boil with 300c.c. water, drink as tea.

    Efficacy: Drink 2 to 3 times a week. The main effect of hawthorn is to "eliminate food accumulation and resolve stasis", which can help eliminate harmful substances accumulated in the body and promote the digestion of fatty foods; This tea can help improve hypertension and hyperlipidemia, thereby delaying the deterioration of kidney function.


    ★Corn silk tea

    Ingredients: 100 grams of corn silk

    Method: Substitute 500c.c. of decoction for tea.

    Efficacy: drink 2 to 3 times a week. This tea can help diuresis, eliminate proteinuria, and improve proteinuria in various kidney diseases.


    Recommended health care for strengthening the kidney and nourishing the waist

    kidney health TCM supplement

    [Spine Health Revive] is a special natural healthcare product for preventing and treating Kidney diseases, improving from kidney discomfort and weakening.

    • Improve blood circulation and promote adequate blood supply to vertebrae
    • Relieve low back pain symptoms
    • Strengthen the kidneys, nourish the waist, and replenish physical energy
    • Long-term use can effectively prevent the occurrence of spinal diseases

    This prescription is an ancestral prescription of the Li family of traditional Chinese medicine. It has been passed down by the fifth generation, and the vice chairman of the spine health committee of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Professor Li Qiangwei, has integrated nearly 50 years of clinical experience and successful cases. 

    It has been developed in the United States for many years and has been certified by the US FDA. Exclusively produced by GMP pharmaceutical factory, it provides you with daily maintenance of strengthening the kidney and nourishing the waist, improving blood circulation, promoting sufficient blood supply to the vertebrae, preventing and treating various types of low back pain, and improving immunity.

    • Using 100% natural and highest quality Kampo herbs, no additives, no preservatives, safe and healthy!
    • A2LA ISO 17025 Certified All-round Food Safety Compliance
    • Exclusively produced by FDA-certified GMP pharmaceutical factory

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