What is Wudang Kungfu & Taichi?

Wudang Internal Kungfu, as seen in the movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”, is one of the special martial arts forms in China and enjoys the parallel position with Shaolin Kungfu. Wudang Internal Kungfu combines the skills of martial arts with the internal practice techniques for preserving one’s health from within, hence the name “Internal Kungfu”. Wudang Kungfu is based not only on traditional cultures but also new scientific principles. The movements are recognized as an ideal exercise for integrating the body, mind and soul, protecting the main organs and enhancing circulation. Regular practice can help strengthen the nervous system, reduce stress, and improve the body’s natural functions of balance and coordination, hence prevent illness from happening and assist with maintaining healthy weight and injury recovery. It has the characteristics of overcoming toughness with flexibility, hardness with softness, and movement with stillness, it not only provides the function of body-strengthening and self-defense but can also preserve one’s inner energy

Li’s Natural Healthcare provides you with the opportunity to learn this invaluable form of martial art and benefit from its many health advantages. Master Li and Master Maggie have more than 45 years of combined experience in teaching Wudang Kungfu worldwide. Based on their in-depth teaching experience, they specially designed Kungfu courses for both adults and children. Please click links below to find out more

Master Dr. Qiangwei Rose Li

Master Dr. Li offers to the class more than 30 years of teaching experience in Wudang Internal Kungfu and meditation, her current relevant positions include:

  • Examination Committee Executive Member – World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters
  • International Chinese Medicine Chief Physician – International Chinese
  • Medicine Professional Titles
  • Founding President New Zealand Wudang Kungfu Association
  • Specialty Consultant New York Wudang Association