Yes, we are an ACC accredited treatment provider based in Auckland, New Zealand. If you have an ACC claim, please bring it to your treatment, we will be able to check the details on ACC subsidy for you. For accepted claims, ACC will cover the cost of acupuncture.

We offer a wide range of treatments each tailored to suit your specific health needs from pain relief, chronic diseases to beauty therapies and fertility. Click here for details. Common conditions treated include: Acne, Adverse Reactions to Radiotherapy and/or Chemotherapy, Alcohol & Tobacco Dependence & Detoxification, Allergic rhinitis (including hay fever), Back, Neck, Elbow and Knee Pain, Bronchial Asthma, Cancer Pain, Common Cold, Diabetes, Mellitus, Depression, Facial Rejuvenation, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Gastrointestinal Disorders (including Diarrhea, Constipation, and Gastritis) Headaches (including Migraines), Hypertension, Infertility–Male and Female, Insomnia, Menstrual Pain & Premenstrual Syndrome, Menopause, Obesity, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica, Sports and Accidental Injuries, Stroke, Tendinitis, etc.

Your first visit will be like any medical assessment. You will fill a patient registration form including your basic information and medical history; go over your health concerns with the TCM practitioner. The practitioner will ask you questions, look at your tongue, feel your pulse, and assess your general health conditions, this may involve assessing your spinal conditions and structural conditions. He/she will then begin the treatment, which may involve acupuncture, cupping and meridian massage. Treatment for each patient is completely customized depending on your specific condition and health needs.

Most people barely feel a thing when needles are inserted. Some people feel a slight pinch. Acupuncture needles are solid, flexible, and very, very thin (about the width of two hairs). There are certain sensations associated with the therapeutic effects of acupuncture. These may include slight cramping, heaviness, distention, tingling or electric sensation traveling along a meridian. If any discomfort is experienced, it is usually mild and temporary.

Acupuncture is widely acknowledged as one of the safest forms of medicine. The acupuncture needles that we use are pre-sterilized, individually packaged, and disposed after each treatment.

That depends on your medical condition. Many conditions respond more quickly to frequent acupuncture treatments, while other patients only need to come in once a week. We recommend at least 2 times a week for patients who are in their early stage of treatments. Once your condition is stabilised, you won’t need to come in as frequently. When you come in for your first treatment, we’ll formulate a specific treatment plan for you.

Yes! Acupuncture and holistic treatment are wonderful co-therapies for many conditions. If you are on medications, acupuncture will not interfere with them. Be sure to give an accurate health history so that your practitioner knows what is needed.

The treatment costs largely depend on your condition and the herbal medication you are prescribed as part of your treatment. We offer treatment courses and packages at a discounted price if you need a series of treatments. The herbal prescription may vary between $8 – $19 per a pack for 2-3 days dosage.

If you’re in Auckland, New Zealand, you may call us directly at our clinics helpline on (09) 5705586, or fill out a Appointment Request Form online. We will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment time. For other locations, please contact us on [email protected], or fill out contact us form.