Postpartum Recuperation Package

$800.00 $559.00

4-stage, 28 days supply of a complete personalized postpartum recuperation package, for less than $20/day!

  • 100% tailored to your body for a complete recovery and nourishment for both mom and baby
  • Personalized consultation, complete body conditions analysis
  • 4 stages (28 packs) of personalized herbal supplement packs, made in USA with premium hand-picked herbs
  • Personalized nutritional dietary menu based on your body conditions
  • 3 weeks supply of Vitality Herbal Tea
  • 1 week supply of Slim and Detox Herbal Tea
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A Complete Personalized Postpartum Recuperation Package

The postpartum period, especially the first month after giving birth, is a crucial time in a woman’s life. Not only is it an extremely demanding period for your body, but it is also the golden time to restore and rebuild health from within. 

As a new mum, your body is constantly facing demands such as breastfeeding, replenishing the lost nutrient reserves and blood from pregnancy and labor, going back to work, adapting to a new life, and many sleepless nights. Not only will you need deep rest and relaxation, but you will also need a safe and effective dietary supplement to relieve postnatal exhaustion, naturally replenish the energy and blood you have lost, as well as nourishing and repairing your inner organs, while supporting a healthy milk supply, so that you could feel rebalanced and restored again soon while taking good care of the body!

Li Natural’s 4-stage postpartum supplement is based on generations of wisdom in natural medicine helping thousands of mums getting back on their feet faster and healthier. For less than $20/day, each personalized formula is 100% tailored to your body’s conditions for the best recuperation result. Each package is complete with 4 stages (28 packs) of ready-made herbal supplements delivering just the right type of nourishment to your body at the most suitable time.


Recuperation Focus:

Stage 1:

Helps to flush out lochia (Postpartum bleeding) to promote healthy involution of the uterus. Involution is the process by which the uterus is transformed from pregnant to the non-pregnant state. The herbal formula in Stage 1 promotes healthy lachia, which helps your body gets rid of the extra blood and tissue in your uterus so that your uterus can shrink down to a pre-pregnancy state sooner.


Stage 2:

Once the lochia is flushed out, it is time to restore the body’s physical strength to cope with postpartum life – busy caring for a newborn whilst recovering from giving birth, your body now needs good nourishments from food and rest to regain energy and strength. The herbal formula in stage 2 especially helps to nourish the spleen, promotes good appetite, reduces circulation blockages to restore physiological functions, invigorate qi and blood, and support the body to get the right amount of nourishment in order to reduce fatigue and promote recovery.


Stage 3:

A healthy milk supply is especially important to the baby’s well-being. In the 3rd week of postpartum care, the herbal formula tailored to your body focuses on enhancing milk supply while continue providing support to organ functions for a complete recovery.


Stage 4:

Hopefully, by now you’re more tuned to having a new addition in life. While life isn’t the same as before, we certainly want our pre-pregnancy body back! In the 4th and final stage of the 1st-month of postpartum care, the herbal formula focuses on helping your body detox,

getting rid of excess water to help slim down, nourishing Yin and Yang to regain vitality.


 What’s included in the package:

  • Personalized consultation, complete body conditions analysis
  • 4 stages (28 packs) of personalized herbal supplement packs
  • Personalized nutritional real food recovery meal plan based on your body conditions
  • 3 weeks supply of Vitality Herbal Tea
  • 1 week supply of Slim and Detox Herbal Tea
  • Made in the USA with premium hand-picked herbs
  • Total value of $800, package deal: $559

While your body is going through a lot as a new mom, take the best care of it is the least you can do. For about only $20/day, not only will you get the nourishment to best recuperate after giving birth, but also the professional medical support during the most critical period in a woman’s life. Don’t miss out on the best opportunity to rebuild your health from within, contact us now for a free consultation.

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