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Lisa K., Epsom

Dr. Rose Li is that rare healer, a natural medicine doctor in the truest and noblest sense of the word – someone thoroughly grounded not only in anatomy and physiology but also in biomechanics, mind-body medicine and therapeutic touch. She is no new age guru or charlatan. She is the real deal – a healer of science who never forgets the person in front of her.

Sherry H. – Mt. Wellington

My first three acupuncture treatments have significantly healed constant neck and back pain that I have had for years. Although movement therapy and chiropractics helped me previously, nothing has reduced the pain more than acupuncture. I have recommended it to several friends that have constant neck and back pain. One of my friends that went to Dr. Li’s acupuncture clinic has been very pleased with the reduction of her neck/back pain.

Evelyn S., Birkenhead

I want to say thank you for the tremendous service Dr. Li and her team have done for me. Just a few weeks ago, I had so much pain running through my back that I couldn’t sleep at night. With Li’s Natural Clinic’s Complete Bodywork Treatment, I immediately feel into a deep slumber in their cozy clinic, and after a few treatments and take home herbal prescriptions, my condition improved to the point that my insomnia completely disappeared! Dr. Li is such a wonderful doctor who sincerely cares about her patients, her professionally trained team will go out of their way to treat your ailments. As a satisfied patient, I highly recommend Dr. Li and her health clinic!

Amanda R. L., Greenlane

My experience with Li’s Natural Clinic has been extremely positive – they have been treating me throughout my chemotherapy & Radiation treatments. And I believe that the natural treatments I received from Li’s Natural Clinic have been most beneficial – I’m very lucky to have found Dr. Li and her team, and to be under their care.

Katie K., – Remuera

For as long as I remember, I have had back problems ranging from minor aches to full-blown episodes where I was unable to move without excruciating pain. After one recent episode, I was literally at my wits. I had seen an orthopedic surgeon in Auckland who was only able to provide me with pain medication that merely masked the pain. At times, the pain would even prevent me from working for weeks. Out of desperation I began looking for alternative treatments and found Li’s Natural Clinic. I am very happy that I did!

When I first visited the clinic I was in awful pain. I couldn’t walk upright and had to have a friend drive me to my appointment. However, by the end of my first visit I could stand up straighter; after the second, I could stand completely upright with little pain. After several visits I was recovering so fast that I soon regained my full range of motion.

After meeting the team from Li’s Natural Clinic I couldn’t be more grateful or impressed with this outstanding alternative to Western Medicine. The team is a highly professional, expertly trained, and very caring doctors who have treated very prominent people. Li’s Natural Clinic is the only clinic that I trust completely and recommend wholeheartedly to anyone considering Traditional Chinese Medicine!

S. Penny Levin, Ph.D, Melbourne

I am a health psychologist from Australia, and practice in a holistic context. My interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine began with my own experience.

I developed a serious inflammatory arthritis following the birth of my children. It was frighteningly unresponsive to traditional western medicine.

After several years of struggling, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Li through a friend of mine in New Zealand during a trip to Auckland. My condition was improved dramatically after the first few visits. Then I decided to extend my trip for further treatments. Within just a few months, I was 10kgs lighter, vastly more energetic, and nearly off of all medication.

Over the past several years, both my practice and my personal health care have shifted steadily in the direction of alternative medicine. I work in conjunction with other holistic practitioners in this area. Dr. Li and I have developed deep friendship and have been keeping in touch even till today.

Sharron C.– Enderley

I’m a 47 year-old female and I smoked for 30+ years. I no longer smoke, and I owe it to the acupuncture and herbal treatments from Li’s Natural Clinic. The treatments helped a great deal to cope with the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking. I also had breathing and stomach problems which were also treated successfully with the natural treatments.

Elaine K. Ellerslie

The practitioners at Li’s Natural Healthcare are very caring and dedicated. Their treatments are really effective and professional. They not only helped me treat my chronicle health problems, but also explained to me the real causes behind them.  I can’t thank them enough for relieving me from pain that I had for all those years!

Megan H. Sydney

I’ve never experienced such a comprehensive and loving approach to understanding my own body. The strength and elation I feel everyday is due to Dr. Li and Li’s Natural’s dedication and their complete treatment solution.

Phil M
Los Angeles USA

Li’s Natural is my go-to supplements for years. Even though there are plenty of natural product brands in Los Angeles, where I’m based, I know I’m getting the best possible quality products from Li’s Natural, because of their rich heritage in TCM, and that the products are made in NZ with 100% natural ingredients. Everytime I visit Auckland for work, I have to replenish on supplies from their clinic. I can’t wait for their online store opening!

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Ray Xu
Ray Xu
Dr. Li is an amazing doctor and kungfu teacher! I learned some awesome taichi from her which has helped me correct my... postures and maintain good energy levels, I would recommend her to anyone wishing to study kungfu or consult with a doctor well versed in both western medicine and Chinese traditional more