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10 Common Tongue Appearance To Analyze Physical Conditions

Analyzing Physical Condition From Tongue Image

Tongue like hidden health signal! Tongue diagnosis is divided into two parts: tongue quality and tongue coating. A normal and healthy tongue should be pale red tongue with thin white and moist tongue coating.

"Tongue is the seedling of the heart". Tongue diagnosis is an important part of TCM clinical syndrome differentiation. Changes in tongue coating and tongue often reflect the health of the viscera. Only by facing up to physical problems and seeking medical treatment can the problem be truly cured.

10 common tongue images to analyze physical conditions

Learn About Your Health By Observing Changes On Your Tongue

The tongue is the most likely place for food debris and bacteria to grow. At the same time, it is also a place where the physical condition is good or bad and the signs of abnormal tongue diseases are easy to appear.

A healthy tongue is pink with a light white coating from the base of the tongue to the tip of the tongue.

By examining the tongue, you can clearly see your physical condition, and then find a good way to cure and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

It is recommended not to check immediately after a meal, because there is still the color of the food just eaten in the mouth, and it is impossible to make a correct judgment; please check before brushing your teeth in the morning!


Symptom 1 Swollen tongue with teeth marks on the edge of the tongue
Physique: Deficiency of Qi, heavy dampness in the body
Cause: Gastrointestinal and kidney problems/hypothyroidism
Description: Due to the poor function of the digestive organs and the decline of water metabolism, the tongue swells and touches the teeth, so that the teeth marks will appear.

Symptom 2 Shaking of the tip of the tongue / numbness and pain on the tip and edge of the tongue / white greasy coating
Physique: Yang deficiency
Causes: Psychosomatic fatigue, deficiency of kidney yang
Description: physical weakness, nervous fatigue. It looks normal, but it hurts and numbs because of psychological fatigue.

Symptom 3 The veins are purple-black
Cause: Poor blood circulation
Explanation: The veins on the back of the tongue are purple-black and swollen and twisted, which is evidence of poor blood circulation. Sometimes even the lip color and complexion will deteriorate together.



Symptom 4 White coating on the tongue surface
Constitution: Blood Deficiency Reason: Dirty, Fatigue, Smoking
Explanation: In the event of excessive fatigue, weak stomach, poor metabolism, fever, etc., the tongue coating will thicken and the color will be whiter than usual.

Symptom 5 Dark tongue coating on the tongue surface
Physique: Heat and evil are better
Explanation: Black dry moss indicates that it is affected by chronic diseases and inflammation; black greasy moss indicates that excessive heat and moisture have accumulated in the body for a long time.

Symptom 6 Yellow tongue coating on the surface of the tongue
Physique: Damp heat
Explanation: Yellow moss governs spleen and stomach disorders, internal syndrome and heat syndrome. It is caused by poor gastrointestinal condition, lack of sleep, smoking, etc., and bad breath will be more serious.



Symptom 7 Grooves on the surface of the tongue
Physique: Yin deficiency
Explanation: Red tongue with thorns on the tip of the tongue indicates inflammation of the heart fire; red tongue with yellow and dry tongue coating indicates real heat inside; red tongue with little or no tongue coating indicates yin deficiency and internal heat.

Symptom 8 There are pieces of "rotten moss" on the surface of the tongue
Physique: Excessive internal heat
Description: Pay attention to physical discomfort and infection caused by overeating, lack of vitamins and minerals. Rotten moss is mostly a heat syndrome, the staple food accumulation, phlegm-dampness.

Symptom 9 Red particles on the tongue
Physique: Healing with blood

Explanation: This kind of tongue image is more common in chronic wasting disease, which is caused by long-term deficiency of righteous qi, qi deficiency and blood stasis.

Symptom 10: A lump grows on the edge of the tongue, which persists for more than 2 weeks and does not disappear
Physique: Qi stagnation
Explanation: Deficiency of righteousness, unfavorable transportation and transformation of middle coke. The patient was accompanied by symptoms such as general malaise, memory loss, heavy heart, poor appetite, and abnormal stool.


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