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Natural Facelift & Anti-aging Course

Skin Rejuvenation, Body Toning, Stress Relief

Unlock Your Natural Anti-aging Power with Proven TCM Health Preservation Principles and 50 Years of Medical Expertise

What is Anti-aging Course?

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About the Instructor - Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li

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Through the recommendation of a friend, I registered for Dr. Li's Anti-aging open class, and decided to sign up immediately after the class!
Dr. Li's class is not only about facial maintenance, she also teaches health-preserving methods for internal organs (which is the root to a beautiful skin). There was once that my menstrual period was delayed causing me discomfort, that day I attended the class, after the class, I felt a warm current in my lower abdomen, and my period was here! I felt so relieved! Dr. Li's methodology really worked wonders!

I sincerely recommend Dr. Li's Anti-aging class to anyone who wants a beautiful skin from inside out!

Bonny Y.

I am so grateful for being part of Dr. Li and Coach Maggie’s classes to learn about and care for our bodies and appearance, through exercises, massage, guasha etc. They have made complicated meridian points/acupuncture points, muscles groups very easy to understand with both “how to” and “why”.

Through the last few classes, I have had obvious improvement on my facial, sleep pattern and back pain. Mostly, I am much more confident in myself with more energy than before. I really appreciate Dr. Li and Ms. Maggie sharing their expertise in medicine and healing, their passion and love of life with us.

Jing W.

Every Women has a cycle every seven years. I am very fortunate to have met Dr. Li and Coach Maggie when I was entering the seventh cycle.

I have two classes every week with the two teachers (anti-aging and meridian fitness). I have learned a lot of practical ways to keep healthy, fight the signs of aging. The knowledge that I've learnt from the classes are so beneficial and useful for life!

Every time after Coach Maggie's class, I feel very refreshed, detoxed!

Use the knowledge of Chinese medicine to keep in good health
Is the best way!

Caroline S.