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Coach Maggie Zhu

About Coach Maggie

Coach Maggie was born and raised in a family of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Martial Arts of six generations, she is currently the Specialty Fitness Instructor at Google Headquarters in USA and the Head Wellness Coach at Li Natural International.  Maggie has been training in Herbal Medicine, the Meridian System, and Internal Kungfu from a very young age. She has more than 17 years of teaching experience worldwide.

As an engineering manager in her previous professional life, Coach Maggie’s teaching combines the best of scientific principles and traditional wisdoms. Her classes are specifically designed to help best maintain students’ physical and mental health, and raise self preventative-care awareness for lifelong benefits. Her ability to translate traditional health preservation concepts into useful wellness practice for today’s busy lifestyle make her teachings an invaluable asset for her students and patients.

In her spare time, Coach Maggie enjoys sharing the benefits of Meridian Fitness and Taichi with the community through Charity events. She also values every moment with her two children, introducing them to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Internal Kungfu, passing on the values and culture, just like what her mother and grandparents did when she was a young child.


My back pain and energy level have improved significantly since I started taking the Meridian Yoga & Taichi Class with Coach Maggie!

I can sleep a lot better now after the class! The practical health tips from Coach Maggie have helped me and my family in many ways! Thank you Coach Maggie!

Brian Osborne

I am so grateful for being part of Dr. Li and Coach Maggie’s classes to learn about and care for our bodies and appearance, through exercises, massage, guasha etc. They have made complicated meridian points/acupuncture points, muscles groups very easy to understand with both “how to” and “why”.

Through the last few classes, I have had obvious improvement on my facial, sleep pattern and back pain. Mostly, I am much more confident in myself with more energy than before. I really appreciate Dr. Li and Ms. Maggie sharing their expertise in medicine and healing, their passion and love of life with us.

Jing Williams

I enjoyed the pediatric webinar with Dr. Li and Coach Maggie, where I learned practical knowledge of herbs, recipes and acupressure points for various health concerns relating to young children. Thanks Dr. Li and Coach Maggie!

Pearl Chen