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Taichi & Meditation

Stress Relief, Body Toning, Balance Restoration

Based on Proven TCM Health Preservation Principles and 67 Years of Medical Expertise

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Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li

- Examination Committee Executive Member of World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters

- 50 years of clinical experience in Oriental and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

- 5th generation successor of the world renowned Family of TCM and Internal Kungfu Taichi

- Accredited Chief Physician of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS)

- Vice Chairperson of WFCMS Orthopedics Committee

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Health & Wellness Coach Maggie

- Specialty Health & Fitness Coach from Google Headquarters

- 17 years of teaching experience worldwide

- 6th generation successor of the world renowned Family of TCM and Internal Kungfu Taichi

- Head Wellness Coach at Li Natural International

- Her teaching combines the best of scientific principles and traditional wisdoms offering practical self-care methods to suit today's lifestyle.

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For a while, I resisted the idea of doing Taichi and taking anti-aging classes, thinking I would be better off lifting weights. I felt in love with the Taichi class after the first try! 3 months later, I started to take 2 classes back to back on Sundays. Both Dr. Li and Coach Maggie are seasoned instructors with a lot of patience and experiences. Each move was clearly demonstrated by breaking into small steps. Not only do we learn the "how" but " why". In these classes, we learned so much about Chinese medicine, Kungfu and how our body works together. I lost close to 10 lbs in 6 months, doing pretty much just Taichi. I feel refreshed and balanced! The more I learn, the more I want to practice and discover. I highly encourage these great classes to anyone who is interested in getting to good health.

Jennifer X

My back pain and energy level have improved significantly since I started taking the Meridian Yoga & Taichi Class with Coach Maggie!

I can sleep a lot better now after the class! The practical health tips from Coach Maggie have helped me and my family in many ways! Thank you Coach Maggie!

Brian Osborne

I am so grateful for being part of Dr. Li and Coach Maggie’s classes to learn about and care for our bodies and appearance, through exercises, massage, guasha etc. They have made complicated meridian points/acupuncture points, muscles groups very easy to understand with both “how to” and “why”.

Through the last few classes, I have had obvious improvement on my facial, sleep pattern and back pain. Mostly, I am much more confident in myself with more energy than before. I really appreciate Dr. Li and Ms. Maggie sharing their expertise in medicine and healing, their passion and love of life with us.

Jing Williams