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10 Signs of Lower Metabolism, How Many Do You Experience?

Having a healthy gut and a shaped tummy, Metabolism is the key! 

Do you know human gut health directly affects one's mental and body health?

Have you ever experienced feeling cold while everyone else feels normal, and your hands and feet are always cold at night? Do you also feel tired easily, often in bad mood or feeling low?  Do you know these might be signs of Low Metabolism?  

10 symptoms that can quickly detect whether the body's metabolism has deteriorated and whether it needs a boost!

If you find more than 5 symptoms, then your body is warning you that it is time to adjust and restore your metabolism!

10 Signs of Lower Metabolism, How Many Do You Experience

When your metabolism declined, it affects not only just the internal system to slow down or clog, but it also shows in one's external appearance. 

Your hair feels dry and cracked, your mood is low, your skin becomes dull and sensitive...and the diet plan no longer works as it used to... these are all the typical signs of stalling or declining the body metabolism.

If you find that your body is getting tired easier, your mood is often low, your hair starts to turn white, your skin becomes dry and wrinkled, experience constipation, etc., your body is warning you that you should It's time to tone your body and restore your metabolism!

 4 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Metabolism!

Stop pop pills, Li Natural Healthcare recommends you boost and maintain a healthy metabolism is simple and all natural!


🌿 1 - Drink the Correct Herbal Tea to Help Destress & Detox

- Encourage detoxification
- Support healthy heart & digestive system
- Reduce bloating, waste fluid retention
- 100% natural high-quality handpicked herbs

Slim and detox naturally with high-quality Hawthorn, Lotus Leaf, Alisma, and Poria. 


- Relieve stress & anxiety
- Enhance sleep quality
- Calm mind & body
- 100% natural high-quality handpicked herbs

Specially formulated blend with Root Poria, Polygala, Ophiopogon, and Dried Ginger to relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and soothe the mind and body from the inside out.

🍜  2 - A Balanced Diet, Avoid Oily, Spicy Foods

As we all know, we need to eat fresh and unprocessed food to be healthy, and avoiding salt, sugar, and oil is just a comment sense. However, in order for food to appear and taste more dramatic, restaurant chefs are often "heavy-handed". This is why doctors always recommend home cooking/self-prepared food, even if you can only cook a few times a week. (Better than nothing!) 

💪🏻 3 - Regular Exercise!

Join us and try Meridian Exercise! Through Meridian exercise and learning, body acupuncture and body scraping (gua sha) can help you detox the internal organs and tone external muscles.

Improve metabolism, strengthen cardiopulmonary function, relieve body pain, and improve sleep quality with Li Natural Healthcare Wellness Coach Maggie, health instructor at Google headquarters in the United States.

Body Scraping (#GuaSha) Massage Method that could help you see significant effects fast, safe to the skin, and healthy for the entire body!

The program incorporates benefits from both Taichi and yoga, specifically designed based on 67 years of medical expertise from Dr. Qiangwei Li and Wellness Coach Maggie.

Learn More 👉Total Body Self-care Exercise Program 👉

Body Gua Sha (#GuaSha) can help you see visible results fast, safe for your skin, and healthy for your whole body!

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