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5 Common Causes of Facial Puffiness

Facial edema, wrinkles, and puffiness around the eyes are the most stressful things for many of us in the mornings. Commonly, the well-known way to avoid bloating is to lower the salt intake. In fact, there are other helpful everyday habits you could do to easily help with bloating.

In this article, we have summarized the 5 key lifestyle adjustments and a bonus 3-min Acupressure Massage to help you ease facial edema, and enjoy a more radiant complexion in the mornings! 

Reason 1 for Facial Edema: Not drinking the right amount of water | Drinking water at the wrong time

Drinking too little water will slow down the body's water circulation function, and it will not be able to discharge excess water normally. In addition, swollen faces may also be caused by edema caused by too much water intake, especially within 2 hours before bedtime. It is recommended to drink "2000c.c of water" every day during the day time to maintain normal physiological functions, avoid taking too much fluid and salt in the evening time. 

Reason 2 for Facial Puffiness: Go to bed late and wake up late | Day and night are reversed | Lack of sleep

If you often stay up late or having poor quality of sleep, resulting in lack of sleep, it will also lead to a swollen face. Having a poor sleeping habit, such as staying up late, can lead to lower lymphatic circulation, interrupting the functioning of Gallbladder Meridian, causing the various wastes accumulated in the body harder to be discharged, and higher water retention in the body. 

11pm-1am is the time of the Gallbladder and in order to wake feeling energized the body should be at rest before 11pm. At 1am is when our liver energy starts to flow, and the liver is the main detoxifying organ in the body.


Reason 3 for Facial Puffiness: Eat cold & raw food often

Some people like to consume cold drinks and raw foods, especially in the summertime. Eating cold and raw food, TCM explains that the nature of cold food increases the burden on the digestion system, and after the body's constitution becomes colder, blood circulation will deteriorate as well, and the body will accumulate more water, which will also likely lead to edema.

Reason 4 for Facial Puffiness: Salty, deep fried and heavy foods 

Eating too much salt can cause bloating. Excessive intake of salt in food will increase the content of sodium-ions in the body, and cause an imbalance in the electrolytes in the body, and allow water to stay in the tissues and cause edema. Therefore, it is recommended that you eat lighter flavor and fresh food to stop the bloating, especially for the last meal of the day. 

Reason 5 for Facial Puffiness: Too much stress

Excessive stress in daily life will easily lead to irregular lifestyle, and slow down the operation of the body's lymphatic system, and eventually cause body edema and often facial edema.


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