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Self-Healing Therapy - Blockage Causes Pain!

Recently, a patient, Ms. Chen, sought medical treatment because of body pain, and found us through a friend's introduction. Ms. Chen had a serious car accident nearly two years ago. The external wound on her body has healed, but her body still feels pain. After seeing western medicine, the cause could not be found. X-ray showed that there was no problem with the bones, but the pain on the body was still there. Why is the pain still so obvious? We have treated countless symptoms of this type clinically over the years, and many patients have pain for unknown reasons, but the pain is endless.

One of the main reasons for many of these pain symptoms is what Chinese medicine calls "no rule, no pain." The pain on this patient's body was caused by a car accident, most of which was a serious blockage of qi and blood in the body caused by the impact of gravity. In Western medical theory, there is no such concept, and there is no corresponding treatment method. In such a situation, analgesics can only temporarily solve the pain problem. Today, we will introduce to you what Chinese medicine says about "no regularity leads to pain", and with the help of self-relief of internal medicine to relax the muscles and activate blood, you can relieve pain at home.

[Qi and blood are blocked, and if the blood is blocked, it will cause pain]

Chinese medicine believes that the human body's internal organs, meridians and orifices must be kept unobstructed everywhere. The most important thing in the human body are the twelve meridians, the eight extraordinary meridians, which are connected end to end. The internal connection of the internal organs, the external connection of the limbs and bones, must not be blocked in one place. Unexplained pain in everyday life is very common. The blood vessels and nerves in our body are like rubber water pipes. After a long time, there will be dirt on the wall of the pipe. After slowly accumulating to a certain extent, the diameter of the water pipe will be reduced and blocked. The blood vessels and nerves in the human body are very small in diameter. With the increase of age, uncontrolled diet, insufficient exercise, and insufficient rest, the pressure of life and career is too heavy, which relatively accelerates the blockage of blood vessels and nerves, and gradually forms the obstruction of qi and blood. . Therefore, there is a feeling of pain even when there is no external force to be injured. Common clinical biliary obstruction, fallopian tube obstruction in women, cardiovascular obstruction in the elderly, and common urination obstruction, etc., in the final analysis, are stagnation of qi and blood, and obstruction of the meridians. Therefore, only the "through adjustment" of the whole body is the necessary guarantee for human health.

In the above case, the patient's condition is an internal injury, and the liver is injured, causing the body's qi and blood to block. In response to this situation, we suggest that she adopt a diet for soothing the liver and regulating qi, detoxification of the internal organs, and supplementing the medicated diet with qi and blood to help the body supply sufficient blood and repair the internal organs. In addition, we helped this patient choose acupoints suitable for her, and taught her a suitable self-acupuncture therapy and further self-movement for pelvic repositioning, repairing the injured part after a car accident, and promoting the smooth flow of qi and blood in the whole body. After one course of treatment, Chen Women will no longer go to the doctor for pain.

Prevention and treatment of "no rule is painful"

In daily life, we don't necessarily have to wait until the pain occurs before seeking medical treatment. There is a simple way for us to check our body: relax the whole palm, gently, at the same frequency, With the same force and speed, it is very comfortable and relaxed to tap any part of the body naturally, such as tapping one's own legs. But when it hits a certain point, it has a "pain" feeling. This unique part bears the same force as the surrounding parts, and produces a different pain feeling. The body has a situation of "no rules, pain", so what methods should we take to relieve pain and cure pain? Different from the treatment principles of Western medicine, the treatment of pain in TCM is not a simple concept of pain relief, but the regulation of qi and blood in the whole body, the function of internal organs, and the dredging of meridians, so as to achieve the effect of regulating and balancing the whole body.

It is better to teach a man to fish than to give him a fish
For many years in our clinic, in addition to using acupuncture and acupoint therapy to relieve pain, the more important thing is to teach patients a set of self-healing therapy, called "self-health therapy".

This therapy is the crystallization of Professor Li Qiangwei's more than 40 years of clinical experience, combined with the five generations of medical and martial arts families, and is specially designed for each patient. This therapy can be done on your own or with the help of your family. You don't need to seek medical attention, and you can get relief or even a significant effect of radical cure.

Three aspects of self-healing therapy to eradicate pain:

[1] Oral Conditioning:
Dialectically determine the type of symptoms, analyze the individual's physique, and cooperate with Chinese herbal medicine and diet therapy that are suitable for the individual's physique.

[2] External Physiotherapy:
The external application of drugs, combined with personal physiotherapy techniques and acupoint selection, can be used to regulate and clear the blockage of meridians and blood vessels, so as to achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation, promoting qi and relieving pain.

[3] Neijia Gong Exercise Therapy:
Improve blood circulation in the body, enhance the function of internal organs, promote the balance of yin and yang in the body, dredge the meridians, long-term health care, and radical cure.

Physical pain and sub-health state are not caused in one day, so, only one aspect of treatment can only temporarily relieve it. Professor Li Qiangwei and the team wholeheartedly help you match the most suitable self-healing therapy for you as a health backup for your life.


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