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Deficiency Of Qi Makes You Age Faster! 6 Points To Know If Your Qi Is Sufficient

"Which woman isn't afraid of getting old? Which woman doesn't love beauty? I'd like to use half of my country for my ageless appearance." This is the desolate babble of a generation of empress Wu Zetian when he was dying. In fact, both men and women, "how to resist physical aging" and "how to maintain a healthy youth" are all topics that must be answered in the world. With the change of the weather and the increase of life pressure, I often hear friends around me complain that the quality of sleep is getting worse and worse, the memory is obviously weakened, and sometimes it is accompanied by symptoms of chills, cold limbs, dizziness, tinnitus, and pale complexion. These are the culprits of aging. From our TCM point of view, many of these symptoms are caused by insufficient qi and blood. After my years of clinical experience, I hope this article can help you have a deeper understanding of qi and blood deficiency and reduce unnecessary damage. 


What Is Qi?

There is a saying in Chinese medicine that "Qi is the commander of blood, and blood is the mother of Qi". Qi promotes the movement of blood, and blood nourishes and nourishes Qi. If the human body is compared to a growing plant, qi is sunlight and blood is rain and dew. The two work together to make the human body thrive. This is true not only for the entire human body, but also for a viscera.

How To Detect Qi Deficiency?

Insufficiency of qi and blood is the deficiency of qi and blood in traditional Chinese medicine. The result of insufficient qi and blood will lead to the decline of liver function, causing premature aging lesions.

Qi deficiency: that is, the function of the viscera declines and the disease resistance ability is poor. Deficiency of Qi results in chills, cold limbs, spontaneous perspiration, dizziness, tinnitus, lethargy, fatigue and weakness, palpitations, shortness of breath, and growth retardation.

Blood deficiency: It is manifested as pale complexion, dry skin, withered hair, dry and cracked nails, blurred vision, numbness of hands and feet, insomnia, dreaminess, forgetfulness, palpitations, and trance.

6 Pints To Inspect Your Qi:

  • Eye
Mainly depends on the color and clarity of the eyes. The eyes are clear and bright, and the spirit is full of vitality. The color of the whites of the eyes is cloudy, yellow, the whites of the eyes are bloodshot, the bags under the eyes are large, the eyelids are heavy, and the eyes are dull and the blood is insufficient.
  • Hair
The growth rate of hair is related to the liver blood. If the liver blood is insufficient, the hair will grow slowly, the hair will be dry, and the hair will become yellow, white, and split ends.
  • Skin
The skin is white and pink, shiny, elastic, wrinkle-free, and spot-free, indicating that the lungs are full of qi and blood. The skin is rough, dull, dark, yellow, white, blue, red, and long spots, indicating poor physical condition and insufficient blood.
  • Nail
There is no half-moon shape on the fingers or only a half-moon shape on the thumb. Longitudinal lines appear on the nails, indicating that the body is cold, the blood is depleted, and overdraft occurs, which is a symbol of aging.
  • Sleeping Habit
Falling asleep quickly, sleeping deeply, breathing evenly, and waking up naturally, indicating that the blood is insufficient; difficulty falling asleep, easy to wake up easily, nocturnal urination, heavy breathing or snoring, indicating that the blood is deficient.
  • Hand
The pulp of the finger is full and the flesh is more elastic, indicating that the qi and blood are sufficient; the pulp of the finger is flat, weak or thin, indicating that the qi and blood is insufficient. If the qi and blood are sufficient, the hands are always warm, but if the palms tend to be hot, appearing, and cold; if the fingers are flat, they are all
It's a sign of lack of blood.

TCM Treatments for Qi Deficiency:

Li Natural Healthcare Dr. Li International Herbal Health Specialist

Here I share two nourishing recipes with simple ingredients and easy to use, so that everyone can do diet therapy to adjust their blood qi when they realize that their blood qi is insufficient on weekdays.

Vitality Health Tea Bag Dietary Stew 

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Stewed Pork Ribs with Radish and Tonic Soup

Ingredients: white radish, pork ribs, vitality health package.

Method: Wash the prepared radishes and ribs, cut them into pieces, blanch them in boiling water, and then drain the water; then add the vitality package and simmer together with the ribs; add the radishes after the ribs are boiled, and then Simmer over low heat for 20 minutes and serve.

Efficacy: Radish and spare ribs are good ingredients for qi and blood, and because this recipe tastes very good, fragrant and delicious, it is suitable for the whole family.


Nourishing mutton medicated soup

Ingredients: fat mutton, a little raw land, vitality health pack, ginger.

Method: Wash the prepared fat mutton and cut it into pieces, then put it in the pot, then add the vitality health bag, 9 grams of raw land, ginger, and finally add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and the juice is collected on a low heat and the pot is ready to eat.

Efficacy: This recipe is in a thousand gold recipe, mutton is a great tonic, and the raw land and vitality health packs have a good auxiliary effect, which can nourish blood and regulate menstruation. This recipe is great for women with cold uterus and postpartum deficiency. However, it is best not to take it for women with blood heat and blood metrorrhagia.


Vitality Boost Herbal Tea

* These statements have not been evaluated by Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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