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Five Common Causes of Low Back Pain in Women

When the weather is getting colder, many of my friends' "lumbar pain" symptoms started to flare up for no apparent reason.
"Low back pain" is a common complication of many diseases. It is not an independent disease. No matter how many men, women and children have experienced this kind of pain.

There are many reasons for low back pain. Among the many friends who come to our hospital for treatment, female patients mainly have low back pain, accounting for about 20% (20%) of the total number of visits. Such a high number not only makes everyone ask: What is the cause? Female friends have low back pain? How can we prevent and treat it? The following is a summary of our clinical treatment of low back pain for many years for your reference.

Reason 1: lumbar muscle strain

Excessive physical fatigue, long-term bending or sitting work, incorrect standing and sitting posture, etc., can lead to lumbar muscle strain and cause chronic low back pain. Usually, you should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and participate in appropriate sports to enhance the strength and stability of the waist and reduce the occurrence of waist injuries. Pay attention to correct bad posture, especially those who need to sit or bend over for a long time. Usually pay attention to the smooth blood circulation of the waist, often doing professional waist meridian maintenance is a necessary defense measure.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a history of treating lumbar muscle strain for hundreds of years. TCM's internal regulation and external treatment, and the treatment method of treating both the symptoms and the symptoms is more suitable for chronic diseases such as lumbar muscle strain. A regular TCM clinic will give you a treatment plan that suits you, including meridian massage, acupuncture, acupuncture, cupping, hyperthermia, and Chinese herbal formulas. Experienced physicians will choose and match acupoint therapy according to the patient's individual constitution, condition, and other symptoms of the body, and cooperate with traditional Chinese medicine formulas to strengthen the kidneys and nourish the body, and promote blood circulation, thereby helping the tissue recovery of the muscles and nerves in the lower back and resisting lumbar muscle strain. the harm caused.

Cause 2: Lumbar disc herniation/stenosis

The disease is a common cause of low back pain in young women. Mostly caused by lumbar injury and long-term chronic strain, manifested as lumbar pain, radiating pain and numbness in the lower limbs, intermittent claudication when walking due to long and short feet, etc. This symptom is best treated in the early stage of the disease, otherwise it will be resolved after spinal surgery. Too late! Non-surgical treatment plans vary from person to person, including manual reduction, bed rest traction, and the combination of traditional Chinese medicine courses, etc.

Reason 3: Osteoporosis

The disease is the most common cause of low back pain in middle-aged and elderly women. Especially after women's menopause, due to the reduction of the bone mass of the spine and the reduction of the weight-bearing capacity of the spine, the body will experience low back pain during weight-bearing and even walking. Therefore, shortened body and hunchback are another important clinical manifestation after low back pain. A serious consequence of osteoporosis is that any slight activity or trauma can lead to a fracture. Many diseases may cause osteoporosis, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, liver disease, chronic nephritis, hyperthyroidism, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. So how do we defend against treatment? When middle-aged, especially middle-aged women after menopause, the rate of bone calcium loss is accelerated, bone density examination should be carried out regularly, and traditional Chinese medicine treatment should be carried out as soon as possible to regulate endocrine, nourish yin and strengthen kidney, and prevent the above-mentioned diseases that may lead to osteoporosis. disease, and take appropriate measures to treat it.

Reason 4: Menopausal Women

Due to autonomic dysfunction, it may also cause low back pain, which is characterized by lifting in the morning and reducing after activity. There are also factors such as irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea or emotional crisis, which can easily lead to low back pain. Postmenopausal women will experience the following four symptoms during menopause: hot flashes, palpitations, palpitation, abnormal mental and neurological symptoms, all of which are early symptoms of osteoporosis in menopausal women.

As early as in the "Huangdi Neijing", Chinese medicine clearly recorded that "women's Qiqi Ren pulse is deficient, the Taichong pulse is weakened, the Tiangui is exhausted, the tunnel is blocked, and the shape is bad and there is no child." It means that before and after menopause, the body gradually transitions from a healthy balance to an aging period. With the daily decline of kidney qi, the Tiangui will be exhausted, the Chong and Ren channels will gradually be deficient, the essence and blood will become increasingly insufficient, and the imbalance of yin and yang will lead to the dysfunction of the viscera. Therefore, our menopausal female friends should pay attention to physical and mental conditioning in order to pass the menopause smoothly. In Chinese medicine, menopause belongs to the category of "dirty and restless". Treatment should focus on invigorating the spleen and kidney, regulating Chong and Ren, as well as soothing the liver and regulating emotions. For those with deficiency of kidney yin, nourishing kidney yin; for those with deficiency of kidney yang, warming and assisting kidney yang should be given priority to, combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment. During the menopause stage, some relaxing exercises, such as Wudang Neijia Gongfa, Taijiquan, yoga, Lajin, swimming, etc., can also effectively improve symptoms.

Reason five: gynecological diseases

Such as: pelvic tumors, abnormal position of the uterus, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. can cause symptoms of low back pain. If you feel lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, increased leucorrhea and other adverse symptoms, seek expert medical examination as soon as possible, so as not to delay the disease. So, how do we usually carry out waist maintenance and exercise? Here are a few tips for self-care:

Hot compress: Apply hot compress to the painful area every night to promote blood circulation in the waist. It can also dispel rheumatism, activate blood and dredge collaterals. It has a good effect on relieving lumbar muscle strain.

Prone health care: Lie on your stomach, put your hands behind your back, and then forcefully lift your head, chest and legs away from the bed surface, so that your body is in an inverted arch shape, and persist until you feel a little tired. Repeat this exercise for about 10 minutes, once a day in the morning and evening. This method, also known as "Little Flying Swallow", effectively exercises the muscles of the waist, stretches the tendons and collaterals, promotes blood circulation, and has curative effects on lumbar injuries and lumbar spinal stenosis.

Pay attention to the daily nutritional intake of "bone protection": Liver and kidney ingredients: wolfberry, chestnut, walnut, sesame, etc. Activating qi and blood ingredients: onion, ginger, black fungus, etc. Colloidal ingredients: trotters, fish, okra, mushrooms, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine herbal formula: Eucommia is a commonly used formula for the treatment of kidney deficiency and low back pain. It can effectively help restore kidney function and relieve waist disease. Dog chi is mainly used for strengthening waist and knees, dispelling rheumatism, and strengthening kidney qi. Salvia miltiorrhiza can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, clear and relieve pain: Salvia is good for circulation, can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, clear and relieve pain, and is an essential medicine for blood stasis syndrome; Improve kidney function: effectively increase the excretion of urea, creatinine, sodium and phosphorus, thereby improving kidney function, etc. 

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