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Get Back In Shape With These Healthy Post-Holiday Meridian Tips

After a big meal, let's do meridian exercise together. Increase intestinal peristalsis, improve detoxification ability, and solve abdominal obesity!

"Whenever the "pulse" is not working, the belly fat is growing! Clear the belt pulse, and the belly fat will disappear quickly!"

As a female physician who has successfully helped many women lose weight and shape healthily, when she sees many female friends spending a lot of energy on smudging and smearing on their faces, it often looks like a flower on their face, but a stop Waking up with a bloated belly and staggering...still not perfect! Come here and read this article, I will help you solve the problem of obesity with abdominal clogging.

Belly fat is a very annoying thing.

In real life, not only people who are overweight will have the trouble of carrying a "life buoy" with them, but even some apparently slim people will have a belly protruding "suspected to be pregnant".

There are many reasons for abdominal obesity, such as irregular work and rest leading to endocrine disorders, eating high-calorie foods, sedentary inactivity leading to accumulation of fat in the abdomen and so on.

Blockage of "band pulse" = abdominal obesity

From the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, abdominal obesity is often caused by the blockage of a special meridian in the human body, the "Dai Meridian". to be smooth.

The so-called "belt vein" refers to the only vein that runs horizontally in the human body between the waist and abdomen.

The word "belt" in "belt pulse" contains the meaning of belt, because it runs horizontally between the waist and abdomen, and binds the straight meridians of the whole body, like a belt, so it is called "belt pulse".

The "Daimai Point" is located on both sides of the waist. Draw a horizontal line with the navel as the center and a vertical line with the armpit as the starting point. The intersection of the two lines is this point.

Many people will unknowingly find that they have more and more fat on their abdomen and waist, and then they can't reduce it.

In fact, this only shows one truth, that is, the "belt pulse" is blocked, and the strength is not strong enough to restrain the growth of waist and abdominal fat. Just like our belt is broken and there is no way to fasten the waistband, the fat will grow out.

Often scrutinized "with pulse" can lose weight and laxative
If you want to restore the blocked "Odai pulse" and say goodbye to the fat on your belly, an effective method is to constantly scrutinize the location of the Odai pulse.

The method of tapping the pulse

  1. Lightly make fists with both hands, start from the middle of the waist behind the back, tap laterally along the belt veins to both sides, and make a circle to the navel.
  2. Knock 30-50 laps before going to bed every night, and focus on 50-100 taps on the "Daimai acupoint" on both sides of the waist. It is very good for restoring the restraint ability of the belt and reducing the fat in the waist and abdomen. It takes about a month to see the effect.


  • Knocking on the belt pulse should not be too heavy, it is enough to feel a little sore, and it needs to be persisted for a long time;
  • There is no need to specifically diet, exercise or avoid food, but it is best to develop a light and healthy eating habit;
  • The tapping should be stopped during menstruation.


According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are many benefits to constantly scrutinize and maintain the belt pulse:
It is beneficial to the metabolism of fat and reduce the production of fat, especially for the weight loss of fat on the abdomen and waist sides.
Accelerates the running of qi and blood in the meridians, regulates the meridians and stops the belt and relieves the stagnation of the liver. It can eliminate the heat accumulation of blood in the meridians. It is helpful for the cold waist and often feel soreness, dysmenorrhea, and the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases. 

It can increase intestinal peristalsis, improve detoxification ability, and has a good laxative effect for people with constipation!
Pay attention to abdominal heat preservation to avoid stasis of blood vessels
Chinese medicine believes that the abdomen of the human body is "the palace of the internal organs and the source of yin and yang, qi and blood". The abdomen is yin, and all yin meridians pass through the abdomen, such as the gallbladder meridian, kidney meridian, and spleen meridian.

If the abdomen catches a cold, it is easy to cause the blood vessels to become stagnated. Therefore, we must pay attention to keeping the abdomen "warm" and not let the abdomen catch cold. Pay attention to keeping your abdomen warm, and avoid wearing low-waisted trousers and open-waist clothes to avoid stasis of the "belt pulse".

In addition to keeping warm, you can also do moxibustion or hot compress therapy for maintenance.

Dr. Li Qiangwei:
Usually, hot compress is used to relieve abdominal stasis. The medicine can reach the abdomen directly through heat, and the effect is quick, that is, it promotes the expansion of capillaries, accelerates the circulation of blood and lymph, regulates qi and blood, and promotes detoxification. It is also good for lazy people to lie down and lose weight. method!


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