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Healthy & Easy Ways to Dehumidify & Lose Weight

Some people gain weight so easily even with just drinking water, and they can't lose weight no matter how hard they've tried. 

Do you know? There is a kind of fat called Bloatedness, which is caused by heavy humidity. Today we will take a look at how the moisture in your body turns into fat step by step, and making you fat.

How is moisture formed?

In the body, there are two organs that manage water, one is the kidney and the other is the spleen. The kidneys love water, while the spleen hates water and loves dryness.

Kidney yang energy reacts with food nutrition to generate body temperature and heat, and water is evaporated and transpired upwards. The spleen is in charge of the stomach and intestines, absorbs the water in the body into the blood, the blood transports the water back to the kidneys, and part of the water is made into urine, thus forming the circulation of body fluids.

For a healthy person, the strength of the kidney and spleen are comparable, but what if the spleen is deficient?

So a lot of wetness, that is, moisture will accumulate in the body in large quantities, and the tongue will be soaked in water and become large and swollen, covered with thick and white tongue coating, and there are tooth marks on the edges

Moisture tend to accumulates in the lower body, abdomen and legs. They are mixed with fat, making people look fatter. There is also a lot of water and wetness in the pulled stool, that is, diarrhea, loose stools, and unformed stools.

These water and dampness accumulate quickly. Some weight loss prescriptions use diuretic methods to increase the body’s drainage capacity, which can be effective quickly.

Do you know? The phlegm you spit and the fat in your belly are pretty much the same thing!

Dampness is produced by spleen deficiency. The body usually has a place to store moisture, which is the lungs. According to Chinese medicine, "phlegm is produced by the spleen and stored in the lungs."

Moisture is stored in the lungs and forms phlegm, which fills every alveolus, but the air inhaled by the lungs can evaporate the phlegm and vaporize it.

Exhaled out of the body with the breath, a process called gasification.

Moisture and fat are relatives, and both are called phlegm-damp in Chinese medicine, and they are also the prey of lung qi transformation. Lung qi fills the whole body. The more qi, the quicker it will evaporate the moisture in the body; the lung qi enters the blood and mixes into qi and blood.

Fat people generally have symptoms such as spleen deficiency, qi and blood deficiency, and if their body fat is taken out, the rest will be as thin as a stick. 140 g of fat = 70 g of fat + 70 g of flesh and blood.

Fat people who are weak often go on a diet and exercise to reduce fat as soon as they arrive. The correct way is to supplement the body. The addition of the body and the subtraction of fat are done together. Only doing subtraction will eventually reduce more diseases, but weight loss is still ineffective.

Only by properly conditioning the spleen and stomach and replenishing qi and blood can we truly lose weight successfully, and fast!

Summarize the above questions

1. Obesity is first caused by spleen deficiency.

2. Moisture causes spleen deficiency

3. The combination of strengthening the spleen, removing dampness, and nourishing qi and blood can lead to healthy weight loss without rebound.

To lose weight for fat people caused by heavy humidity, they should start from the above three aspects.

How to remove dampness and lose weight?

We recommend a few acupoints for dampness and weight loss, and they are so easy to perform at home!

1. Zhongwan 

Zhongwan acupoint is the meeting place of the organs, the spleen and stomach are the outer and inner sides of each other, and both are the foundation of postnatal transformation. They work together to dissolve water and dampness in the body. Therefore, massaging Zhongwan acupoint can effectively warm the middle and dispel cold, strengthen the spleen and remove dampness, and harmonize the stomach. 

2, Fenglong point 

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is the source of phlegm. Disorders of the spleen and stomach, stagnation of water and dampness, and accumulation of phlegm caused by various reasons can be solved by massaging Fenglong acupoint. Fenglong acupoint has the effect of dispelling dampness. It can effectively remove turbidity.

3. Shiehai point 

Xuehai acupoint belongs to the spleen meridian of Foot Taiyin and is an important acupoint for the treatment of blood disease. Xuehai acupoint can nourish blood and activate blood, invigorate the spleen and remove dampness, dispel wind and relieve itching. It is an important acupoint for preventing and treating diseases. , the moisturizing effect is very good.

In fact, it is not difficult to remove dampness and lose weight. The most important thing is persistence and finding the right method.


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