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How Does Gua Sha Lymphatic Drainage Work?

Whether you’re experiencing stress, acne, aging, hyperpigmentation, dull skin, and/or swelling…the human body can do magic via lymph with a little help from our hands and the Gua Sha sculpting tool!

Thinking of adding Gua Sha to your skincare routine?

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What is lymph?

Lymph is a colorless fluid that manufactures and carries white blood cells essential to immune function into the bloodstream. It also removes cellular waste that’s leftover from biological processes and cleansing our bodies. The lymphatic system has been an area of medical study and focuses for thousands of years in ancient Asian history. Some recent studies suggest what holistic-leaning medicine practitioners have been proposing for hundreds of years: That lymph may play a starring role in disease and in healing. 


The lymphatic system.

Unlike the circulatory system that runs on the electrical current of the heart, the lymphatic system lacks a built-in flow. So keeping lymph fluid flowing requires hard work from our muscles, bones, and organs.  


*** Facial Gua Sha *** is one of the most effective and easiest ways to pump our lymph fluid.  Especially on the head and neck area where more than 30 percent of our lymph nodes are concentrated.

The lymphatic system itself is very sophisticated. It’s composed of lymph nodes, lymph vessels, and lymph fluid. Lymph nodes are small, spherical structures that act as lymph filters, catching waste and debris that lymph has picked up, like the lymph’s waste management service. Lymph nodes are concentrated in certain areas of the body, for example, the head, neck, armpits, abdomen, breasts, groin, and behind the knees. Lymph vessels run vertically through the entire body—into arms and legs, into the groin area, around the soft organs of the abdominal cavity—and they are punctuated by the nodes. A lymph vessel's job is to carry the lymph from one place to another.

Organs and other body parts are involved in the lymphatic system, too. Bone marrow is where white blood cells are made and therefore plays a starring role in the lymphatic system.  As a secondary lymphatic organ, the spleen helps to filter the blood and lymph through its system of soft tissue and arteries. Finally, our tonsils are also concentrated lymph centers, often being the first to respond (via swelling) to an immune system threat. 


What are TCM Lymphatic drainage benefits?

Beautiful skin comes from within, your skin condition is a reflection of how balanced your body is and how well your internal organs work as a system.
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Skincare is a set of holistic anti-aging regimes which focus not only on the external rejuvenation of the skin, but more so on the internal adjustment and healing to promote more youthful appearance from the inside out. The TCM anti-aging regime maintains the internal organs health and avoid body from diseases and illnesses by performing Gua Sha of the Lymphatic Drainage, with suitable visceral exercises and suitable diet. Beauty acupoint massage uses certain techniques to act on the facial lymph points to smooth the blood circulation, stimulate the skin’s immune function, improves complexion, regulates skin problems and enhances facial beauty.
Lymph has been finally recognized by the medical community as a “new organ,” linked to improvement in chronic illnesses and inflammation. Keeping the lymphatic system healthy is associated with many benefits for the skin and overall well-being.
  1. It Improves Your Immune System
    Lymphatic drainage can enhance your immune system by targeting the lymph nodes in your body. Lymph nodes are present in your groin, under-arms, under the throat, and around your breasts, and their function is to cleanse your blood.
  2. It Reduces Stress, Anxiety, and Fatigue
    By applying pressure on certain parts of your body, this massage reduces any soreness, pain, or cramps almost immediately. If you struggle with panic attacks, anxiety, depression, or stress on a regular level, you will find yourself feel amazingly relaxed and rejuvenated after a lymphatic drainage massage.
  3. It Helps With Breastfeeding
    If you are a new mom and want to breastfeed your bundle of joy as effectively as possible, lymphatic drainage can help with that too. Lymphatic drainage massage will help reduce nipple swelling, enhance the functioning of plugged nipple ducts so you don’t feel any pain or discomfort while breastfeeding the baby.
  4. It Gives You Unblemished and Glowing Skin
    There is a reason why top models and beauty bloggers swear by lymphatic drainage massages. It has been shown to reduce conditions like acne and eczema, and diminish the appearance of scars as well. The massage helps open the pores on the skin, which then receives the specially formulated blend of essential oils. This rehydrates your skin, leaving it softer and brighter.
  5. It Helps With Migraines and Chronic Pain
    A lymphatic drainage massage every few weeks can help you get rid of the pain. The calming effect induced by the massage reduces the pain signals that get sent to your brain, reducing the intensity and frequency of the pain.



How to perform TCM lymphatic drainage? 

  1. Gua Sha: One reason gua sha works is because it moves the lymph! 
  2. Lymphatic massage: A lymphatic drainage massage is designed to follow the pathways of the lymph, lymph nodes, and uses a soft touch to assist the body in draining and detoxifying. 
  3. Breathwork: The diaphragm rises and falls with the breath, acting as a pump. Getting your diaphragm moving with some deep belly breathing through your nose can help calm your nervous system and help you move inner lymph, too. Inhale and send your breath to your belly (DanTian), feeling it soften and expand (focusing on your belly expanding, rather than your chest). Inhale even more and fill the lungs wide. As you exhale, let the breath fall out of you as the belly softens. Continue like this for a few minutes daily.
“I want to give it my all to help best maintain physical and mental health of my students. I was born to be the bridge, connecting Eastern with Western cultures, translating traditional health preservation wisdoms into practical methods for today’s lifestyle.”

Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li

Dr. Li is one of the world’s renowned authorities in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), at the age of nearly 70 years old, Dr. Li specializes in Women’s Health and Orthopedics with over 40 years of clinical experience. 

Currently the Vice Chairperson and Chief Physician of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS) Orthopedics Committee, Dr. Li holds numerous tertiary qualifications, awards and accolades in the field of TCM and Health Science. Besides practicing as a TCM doctor, she’s also teaching online passing down her years of anti-aging experience using the invaluable TCM techniques and generations of wisdom. 

Coach Maggie

Coach Maggie was born and raised in a family of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Martial Arts of six generations, she is currently the Specialty Fitness Instructor at Google Headquarters in the USA and the Head Wellness Coach at Li Natural International.  Maggie has been training in Herbal Medicine, the Meridian System, and Internal Kung Fu from a very young age. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience worldwide.

As a professional engineer in her previous professional life, Coach Maggie’s teaching combines the best of scientific principles and traditional wisdom, to help maintain students’ physical and mental health, and raise self preventative-care awareness for lifelong benefits. Her ability to translate traditional health preservation concepts into useful wellness practice for today’s busy lifestyle make her teachings an invaluable asset for her students.

In her spare time, Coach Maggie teaches Meridian Practice for Charities and Non-profit organizations. She also values every moment with her two children, introducing them to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Internal Kungfu, passing on the values and culture, just like what her mother and grandparents did when she was a young child.


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