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Meridian & Meditation - Free Private Online Course Registration Is In Progress!

Relaxing The Meridians & Strengthening The Spine - Meditation & Stress Relief Classes:

This exercise course integrates Tai Chi, medical rehabilitation and other self-healing exercises based on the concepts of meridians and holistic medicine in traditional Chinese medicine. Combined with Dantian breathing and breath regulation, self-healing and health preservation can be integrated into life, nourishing the internal organs, defending against diseases, and health and beauty become natural!

This course does not insist on the unlimited development of the body, but more importantly, learn how to protect the body, practice along the daily conditions of the body, and find the repair required by every meridian, every internal organ, and the frequency of the cerebral cortex. The overall movement of one's own meridians and internal organs.


What can I learn?

The human body suppresses positive energy due to long-term stress, abnormal work and rest, sports injuries, etc., resulting in various diseases. This course is based on the meditation and routine practice of Neijia Kung Fu, Dantian breathing, and meridian stretching, which have been passed down in China for thousands of years, combined with the instructor's nearly 50 years of modern Chinese medicine clinical rehabilitation experience. It allows us to explore the inside and find the normal frequency that belongs to everyone , perceive the potential energy of the body, release it, tune and heal our body and mind.

Let us inspire our energy together, achieve the effect of relaxing the tendons and dredging collaterals, to heal our own pains, replenish the damaged body that we consume in life and exercise, repair the internal organs, strengthen the autoantibodies, and heal the brain cells!

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Dr. Li Qiangwei 

Dr. Li (Professor) is the current master of Chinese medicine, and

  • Judge of the World Kung Fu Wushu Duan Ranking System Association
  • Certified Chief Physician of the International Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
  • Distinguished Consultant of Wudang Wugong Society in New York, USA
  • Founding President of Wudang Neijia Gong Society, New Zealand
  • Founding Director, Auckland Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, New Zealand

    Dr. Li has more than 40 years of clinical experience in practicing medicine, profound internal kung fu skills and rich teaching experience. In New Zealand and California, the United States, according to the quality of the local people and the weather, she has set up self-rehabilitation kung fu classes to share with everyone. Share the importance of "defense over cure".

    Coach Maggie

    Born in a family of medical martial arts, he is currently a special health instructor at Google headquarters in the United States. As a sixth-generation descendant, Maggie has been practicing martial arts since the age of five, and has followed her mother for many years. She is a well-known TCM professor in the family – Teacher Li Qiangwei, Yu’s grandfather, the world’s leading TCM leader – Professor Li Tongsheng, who has been practicing ancestral traditional Chinese medicine and internal medicine. He has 15 years of rich teaching experience around the world so far.

    Maggie graduated with a master's degree in engineering management from the University of Melbourne, Australia, and has been working as an engineer for many years. It was not until she witnessed many times with heartache that her colleagues and friends around her had health problems that seriously affected their life and work, and some even died at a young age. Dharma can help countless relatives and friends to improve their immunity, strengthen the muscles and internal organs, and stay away from diseases. She resolutely devotes herself to the field of health, and hopes to share this treasure handed down from thousands of years of Chinese culture!

    Coach Maggie: "As a descendant of the medical and martial arts family, I deeply feel the responsibility and obligation to carry forward this treasure, so that more friends can get the key to health!Online classes are now accepting registrations! Suitable for beginners and intermediate learners with follow-up exercises.

    Course 1: Meditation and Stress Relief Class

    • Course Content:
      • Pineal breathing method, meditation 🧘‍♀️, kidney protection and heart nourishment, triple burner nourishment, and other inner retreats.
    • Time:
      • 8pm – 9.30pm every Friday night
    • Instructor:
      • Professor Li Qiangwei
      • She is currently the vice-chairman of the Spine Health Professional Committee of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the vice-chairman of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedics, and a reviewer of the World Kungfu Wushu Duanwei System Association

    Course 2: Meridian Self-Healing Exercise Class

    • Course Content:
      • Whole body relaxation and decompression exercises, DIY self-maintenance spine, pelvic adjustment surgery, selected internal family exercises
    • Time:
      • PST Weekly on Sundays at 3pm – 4.30pm
    • Instructor:
      • Coach Maggie
      • She is currently a specially-appointed health instructor at Google headquarters in the United States, the sixth-generation descendant of Li's family of medical and martial arts, and has 15 years of global teaching experience.

    Free trial class for new students, please contact us to register. Seats are limited, first come first served.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Why study meridian movement and meditation? How is it different from other sports?
    A: General exercise focuses on the use of external muscles to complete the movements of the body. It may often overload the body due to the need to complete a certain movement or achieve a certain goal, resulting in sports injuries, mental and physical exhaustion, etc. Exercise is of course important, but so is how you exercise. The exercise that suits you is the maintenance from the inside to the outside from the mind to the body within the load that the body can bear. Meridian exercise and meditation are like repairing agents for the body, focusing on the integration of body and mind from the inside out, helping you to enhance the flexibility of your body and the function of your internal organs, so that you can enjoy life with more physique and inner positive energy. , to replenish your energy and spirit, which is lost in dealing with the complicated things in work and life, repair the viscera, heal the cells, and enhance the resistance.

    Q: I have no foundation, will I be unable to keep up with the class?
    A: This course is suitable for people of all ages and sports backgrounds. Teacher Li Qiangwei and Maggie have used their 40 years of rich teaching experience to make the most suitable course arrangement according to the students' sports background. Especially online classes are suitable for beginners and intermediate class students who want to follow up.

    Q: How long does it take to learn to have a preliminary understanding and effect?
    A: Generally speaking, after 1-2 semesters of continuous study, you will have a preliminary understanding of the basic concepts and basic exercises of the course, and the learned exercises can be used for daily practice to achieve the effect of health care. However, qigong practice is a process, and the initial learning is only the basic knowledge. The real application requires learning and familiarity under the guidance of the teacher every time in class. Over time, it will be implanted in our subconscious, allowing Kungfu to penetrate into our life and help our body from the inside to the outside. Externally improves visceral function and body flexibility and antibodies.

    Q: What is the difference between a "meditation class" and a "routine class"? Can two classes be taught at the same time?
    A: The meditation class focuses on the study and understanding of concepts, the training of inner qi in the dantian, and the study of inner vision meditation exercises to guide the balance of yin and yang of the body, the cultivation of body and mind, and the relaxation of the cerebral cortex. "Routine class" is based on the concept and inner qi dantian respiration, through the muscle relaxation exercises and inner kung fu routine exercises to further unclog the meridians of various parts of the body and exercise the functions of the internal organs. Practice both to achieve the restoration of body and mind from the inside out.

    Free trial class for new students, please contact us to register. Seats are limited, first come first served.

    Fitness and Wellness Classes for Adults - Temporarily Shifting Online Classes During COVID-19
    Your first trial class is free!


    1. California Course
      1. Saturday class
    • Time: 10.30am – 12pm
    • Location: Las Palmas Park, 850 Russet Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
  • Thursday class
    • Time: 8.20pm – 9.50pm
    • Location: New Century Studio, 1205 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
  • Auckland New Zealand Course
    • Time: Saturdays 10am – 11.30am: Every Saturday 10am – 11.30am
    • Location: St Thomas’s Primary School, Cnr 113 Allum St & Kohimarama Road, Kohimarama 1071 Auckland



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