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Sleep Aids, Pain Relief, Beauty Care? Share Some Awesome Ideas of Natural Chinese Herbal Medicines' Recycling & Reuse!

In our life, we often need to drink traditional Chinese medicine to condition our body, so how do you deal with the remaining traditional Chinese medicine slag? The patients who come to our Chinese medicine hospital for treatment are incessantly connected every day. Whenever a patient gets the Chinese medicine, we will tell him: "Don't throw away the dregs after decoction!" Why? Although most Chinese medicines are not expensive, it is a pity to throw away the dregs of Chinese medicine after boiling, because it has many unexpected magical effects! So, how to make the best use of Chinese herbal dregs so as to effectively exert its "waste heat"?

What are some good hacks for reusing "Chinese herbal dregs"?

Foot Bath

Soothe the nerves and help sleep, relieve insomnia, prevent hair loss, protect liver and detoxify

Did not sleep well? Poor digestion? Stomach blockage?
Try soaking your feet for 20 minutes every night, put the medicinal dregs in hot water, and wait until the water temperature is suitable (generally about 40 ℃) and you're done!

Using medicinal residues for foot soaking not only has a good nursing effect on the feet, especially removes foot odor and athlete's foot, but also relieves the fatigue of the feet, soothes the mind and sleep, relieves insomnia, soothes the liver and regulates qi, and also helps prevent Hair loss, liver protection and detoxification.

*Pregnant women, elderly, and patients with high blood pressure are not suitable for soaking for too long, and the time should be shortened.


Heat/Steam Fumigation

Relieve nerves, remove blackheads, smooth skin, prevent wrinkles.
Having smooth skin does not necessarily require spending a lot of time and money in a beauty salon!

Add the medicinal residues to water and then decoct for 3 to 5 minutes. After standing for a while, add an appropriate amount of white wine and vinegar, use their hot air to fumigate the face, and then rinse with water.

Not only can relieve tension on the head, but also remove facial dirt, smooth skin and prevent wrinkles!

Make Medicine Pillow

Soothe the nerves and help sleep, relieve insomnia.

If it is used to treat traditional Chinese medicine for sleep, the traditional Chinese medicine residue left by boiling the medicine can be made into a medicine pillow. It has a good effect of soothing the nerves and helping sleep and relieving insomnia.

After drying the dregs, add dried tangerine peel and wrap it in gauze to make a pillow or put it under the pillow to help relieve the symptoms of insomnia. Especially suitable for people who suffer from insomnia. In terms of time, it can be replaced with a year or so.

Other Tips of Reuse Leftover Herbs:

  • Can Be Used As Fertilizers:

Professor Li pointed to the plants in the backyard of our traditional Chinese medicine hospital and told the patient: "Look at the wormwood we grow, how tall it is for two people! Our green onions can grow to about one meter, because we pour the medicinal residues into the flowers, so The president of the plant is very lush!" Chinese medicine residue not only contains ammonia, phosphorus and potassium substances required for plant growth, but also improves the permeability of the soil. It can be said that it is a good fertilizer for growing flowers and vegetables.

The medicinal dregs can be put into the basin as a base fertilizer; the medicinal dregs can also be put into containers such as cylinders and bowls, mixed with soil, mixed with some water, and left for a period of time until the medicinal dregs rot into humus before use. Of course, it is not advisable to put too much medicinal residue. Generally, the mixing ratio should not exceed 1/10. If it is too much, it will affect the growth of flowers and trees.

  • Mosquito Repellent:

Traditional Chinese medicine residues will more or less emit some special pungent odors, which can effectively prevent mosquitoes from approaching.

You can dry the remaining medicinal residues on the balcony to prevent mosquitoes from entering; you can also dry the medicinal residues in the sun and wrap them into small packets and put them under the cabinet or under the bed, which has the effect of preventing insects.

In this way, the dregs can be reused, and the effect is not small. Have you written down some of the above tips for magic dregs?

In addition to these, we also have a lot of knowledge in decoction of traditional Chinese medicine. Special attention should be paid to:

Decoction of traditional Chinese medicine:

  1. It is best not to leave the dregs overnight;
  2. Generally, a pair of medicine is fried twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening;
  3. In summer, after decoction once, add water to decoct the second dose and take it at night. The decoction should be stored in the refrigerator at a low temperature in time, and heated before drinking.

It is best to decoct a pair of Chinese medicine only twice, and the second decoction time is preferably longer than the first time.

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