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5 Rules to Help You Achieve Better Health and Wellness This New Year

After a busy and festive holiday season, the New Year is well underway! Many of us make resolutions to strive for better health and wellness. However, it can be difficult to figure out where to start - or even know what your current health status is. Dr. Li reminds us that, before you start making changes, it’s important to take a holistic approach and understand your body’s constitution in order to best adapt the suitable diet, lifestyle, etc. All these steps will help you make lasting changes that will benefit you in the long run.

Prioritize on Addressing Existing Health Concerns First 

Before beginning any kind of new lifestyle regimen or resolution, it is important to address existing health concerns first before they get worse. For example, if you have been experiencing chronic pain or fatigue due to an underlying medical condition such as high blood pressure or arthritis, it is essential that you seek medical advice from qualified health advisers in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment plan. It is extremely important to take proactive preventive measures through lifestyle adjustments such as dietary modifications and physical activity.


Take a Holistic Approach

Taking a holistic approach means being mindful of all aspects of your life - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - when striving for better health and wellness this new year. This includes focusing on nutrition by choosing nourishing whole foods; engaging in regular physical activity; getting enough restful sleep; finding ways to manage stress levels; connecting with nature; cultivating positive relationships; connecting with yourself spiritually; practicing mindfulness; and more. By addressing all aspects of our lives we are able to create sustainable balance that leads us towards achieving true wellness from within.

Make Preventive Care A Priority

Don't wait till you are sick and feeling unwell before taking actions! Preventive care should be made a priority this new year as prevention is always better than cure! Prevention involves taking proactive measures such as regular health screenings for early detection of illnesses so that proper treatments are put into place before they become worse. It also includes learning more about our own bodies – understanding body constitution becomes the foundation whereby Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnoses and treats similar illnesses – so that we can find out which diet, lifestyle and exercises works best for us according to our needs in order to maintain good health all year round!

Discuss your health status and find out about your body's constitution with our team of TCM professionals Dr. Li and Coach Maggie, we are here to help you each step of the way. 

The Benefits of Good Health and Wellness

It is no secret that taking care of our bodies can help us live longer and healthier lives. But beyond physical health, there are other benefits to good health and wellness as well. Studies have shown that individuals who prioritize their health often experience increased levels of happiness, better mental clarity, lower stress levels, improved concentration, greater productivity levels at work, stronger relationships with family and friends—the list goes on!

Getting Started on Your Health Goals

Now that we understand the importance of making health a priority this year, let’s discuss how we can actually do it. First things first—make sure your goals are realistic. Don’t set yourself up for failure by setting goals that are too ambitious or unattainable. Start small and make manageable lifestyle changes that you can stick with over time. Drink more water each day; take walks around your neighborhood after dinner; invest in a gym membership; enlist the help of a friend who wants to achieve similar goals—these are all great places to start when trying to reach your health goals for the year!

Our team of holistic health professionals lead by Dr. Li and Coach Maggie are always here to help, please feel free to reach out to us. 

This New Year let’s all make an effort towards achieving better health and wellness by taking a holistic approach – addressing existing concerns first before they get worse whilst incorporating preventive care into our lives along with healthy lifestyle habits like nutrition, physical activity, sleep hygiene, stress management etc., so that we can live life at its fullest potential! Here’s wishing everyone a happy & healthy year ahead!


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