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TCM Slimming Tips For Women

Slimming and losing weight, Chinese medicine has a wonderful method!

Obesity is a point of concern for many today's female friends. Obesity not only affects our body shape and turning back rate, but also affects our physical health when we are not paying attention. With the increase of body mass index (BMI), the risk of chronic diseases will gradually increase, and the risk of chronic diseases of the population will gradually increase from BMI 21. As the body mass index increases, the risk of chronic disease increases gradually. Increased body mass index is a significant risk factor for many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease (mainly heart and stroke), diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, especially osteoarthritis, and certain cancers (endometrial cancer, breast cancer) , colorectal cancer), etc. Therefore, losing weight is not only for a better body, but also for a more important purpose, which is to be healthier. When losing weight, it is not only the pursuit of weight loss, but also the changes in fat percentage and circumference.

Slimming and losing weight, Li Natural Healthcare has a good recipe!
There are so many ways to lose weight and lose weight on the market, I really don't know how to choose. So how do we know what is the best way for us? Because the symptoms and causes of obesity are different for each person, you must first understand your own physical condition, and then you can effectively carry out a weight-loss and weight-loss treatment plan. Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and after years of clinical testing, we have concluded that the causes of female obesity are divided into four types. The following summarizes its characteristics and self-improvement methods:

  • Stomach Heat and Phlegm Stasis

Performance: strong muscles, easy thirst, big appetite, love to eat ice. Weight loss method: eat a few bites less, and add more vegetables, fruits and other cold foods. Recommended cool foods: eggplant, white radish, melon seeds, melon rind, loofah, rape, spinach, amaranth, celery, millet, barley, mung bean, tofu, etc.

  • Liver Qi Stagnation

Manifestations: Often depressed and sighing, prone to insomnia and dreams, easily nervous, irritable, often feeling tired, women with menstrual disorders. Slimming method: drink some relaxing rose tea and take a bath. Efficacy: It has the functions of soothing the liver and relieving pain, astringent and antidiarrheal. It has a certain effect on menstrual pain or menorrhagia.

  • Postpartum Spleen Deficiency Dampness Type

Manifestations: Muscles are soft, easily tired and weak, swollen limbs, poor appetite, mostly postpartum. Slimming method: You can supplement the food excreted by diuresis such as barley, etc., on the one hand, exercise more to build muscles.

  • Liver and Kidney Deficiency In Menopause Or Old Age

Performance: Usually over 50 years old, combined with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, eat less and still gain weight. Slimming method: Supplement foods that are beneficial to the liver and kidney, and delay aging, such as black beans, black sesame seeds, ginseng, etc.

Therefore, the treatment must be based on the different characteristics of the obese person, the situation of different parts of the syndrome differentiation and treatment, can start effective treatment.

Through years of clinical experience, we have summed up a unique set of diagnosis and treatment methods. First of all, doctors use special examination methods to judge the individual condition and fully grasp the influencing factors including the etiology, pathogenesis, and the patient's constitution. Then develop a treatment plan. In the course of treatment, a single program will not be used, but the treatment method will be adjusted according to the changes of the condition. In addition to physical conditions, physicians will also consider regional, age, gender, and lifestyle habits.

Specifically, various weight loss treatment methods are formulated based on individual needs. It includes treatment based on syndrome differentiation, combined with ear therapy, umbilical therapy, unilateral, prescription, and diet therapy, using the meridian conditioning and acupuncture points suitable for the patient to clear the meridians, harmonize qi and blood, balance the yin and yang of the zang-fu organs, and adjust the internal and external treatment. So as to achieve the purpose of fast and effective weight loss. Years of clinical results show that this method has the following four effects:

1. Stimulating Effect: Through the method of acupuncture acupoints and auricular acupoint compression, a certain stimulation is generated to the local area, and the stimulation information is transmitted to the adipose tissue through the meridians and Shu points, so as to decompose and liquefy it, accelerate the decomposition of fat, and inhibit the synthesis of fat. The body's fat metabolism balance.

2. Drug Action: The drug is directly absorbed through the skin, orifices, Shu points, etc., enters the meridians and collaterals, and is distributed throughout the body to exert pharmacological effects, thereby accelerating the decomposition, liquefaction and metabolism of fat, and at the same time inhibiting the synthesis of fat. Weight loss effect.

3. Enhance the Circulation of Blood and Lymph. Through the action of dredging the meridians and umbilical cords, the blood and lymph fluid can be circulated faster, so that the fat components decomposed and liquefied during the weight loss process are taken away and excreted through the sweat glands, respiratory tract, urine and other ways.

4. Regulate Endocrine Disorders, Regulate the Balance of Metabolism, and Suppress Appetite. Regulating endocrine disorders has far-reaching significance in the process of weight loss. Many obese people have endocrine disorders of varying degrees due to various reasons. After weight loss treatment, when her hormone metabolism reaches a normal level, her weight will soon reach a normal level, and the accumulation of fat will increase from In a sense, it's overnutrition. It is very important for dieters to reduce food intake through ear acupuncture therapy to achieve the effect of suppressing appetite.

"I hope the above article can help you understand how to effectively restore a slim and healthy body."

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