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The Importance of Meridian To Health

As the saying goes, if the meridians and collaterals are blocked, all kinds of diseases are caused, and the meridians and collaterals are closely related to the occurrence of diseases and sub-health status. 

In holistic medicine, the 12 meridians of the body are the main trunks that support the movement of qi and blood in the body. The meridians and collaterals are interconnected with each other to form a network of "qi" (energy), "blood" (nourishing substances), and various body fluid circulation, and connect them.

The body surface, limbs, and viscera maintain the normal physiological functions of the body. Therefore, if the "meridians" are unobstructed, qi and blood can run smoothly throughout the body, and the viscera, skin, muscles, bones, joints, and other tissues can be nourished, and the body will not suffer from illness; otherwise, If due to bad habits, such as long-term incorrect posture causes muscle stiffness, blockage of meridians, and obstruction of qi and blood transport, after a period of accumulation, pain and discomfort will appear first, and more serious diseases will form.

Therefore, "keep the meridians open" is The highest principle of traditional Chinese medicine health care, emphasizes that the concept of meridian qi and blood circulation, spine health care, posture habits development, and other concepts are the basic purposes of the exercise, through continuous practice to develop the ability of the body, improve the health index of the body, to achieve self-treatment and health preservation through exercise. Health is the goal.

Do you know what harm the meridian block can have on the body?

Pericardial meridian is blocked: insomnia, more dreams, easy to wake up, difficulty to fall asleep; upset, forgetfulness, chest tightness, stuffy, dry mouth; neurasthenia.

Three energizer meridians are blocked: migraine, dizziness, upper heat, and lower cold; hands and feet are afraid of cold, tired and irritable; skin is prone to allergies; Muscle joint pain and weakness.

Lung meridian is blocked: afraid of the wind, easy to sweat, dry throat and cough; dry skin and easy allergies; Shortness of breath with movement.

The large intestine meridian is blocked: toothache, dry mouth, skin irritation; Blue veins and spots weakened gastrointestinal function; disorders of the excretory system.

Spleen meridian obstruction: abdominal distention and gas malabsorption; easy fatigue and puffiness; dampness and swollen feet and loose stools; joint soreness.

Stomach meridian obstruction: sore throat, stomach pain, indigestion, indigestion, sore knees, and constipation; Chen dry tongue, body weight loss.

Heart meridian is blocked: upset, frightened, heart palpitations, suffocation, and heartache; Shortness of breath, the feeling of pressure, depression, and irritability; oral ulcers, dry mouth, bad breath.

The small intestine meridian is blocked: the lower abdomen is painful around the umbilicus; it is easy to have diarrhea and the hands and feet are cold; malabsorption deficiency fat; frozen shoulder.

Irregularity of the bladder meridian: aversion to wind and fear of cold; discomfort in the neck; Muscle pain in the lower back; soreness and weakness in the waist and knees; varicose veins; frequent urination and polyuria.

The kidney meridian is blocked: cold hands and feet; dry mouth; sore waist and knees; Irregular menstruation; loss of libido; heel pain; frequent urination, oliguria, and yellow urine.

The gallbladder meridian is blocked: dry mouth and bitter taste; migraine is easy to panic; good sighing, the skin is yellow; Indigestion; arthralgia lipoma; accumulation of phlegm-damp nodules

The liver meridian is blocked: dry mouth and bitter taste; emotional depression and chest pain; irritability and impulsiveness;

    Chlorotic skin and fatigue; irregular menstruation; breast disease; menopausal syndrome

    "Smooth meridians" and "balance of qi and blood" are the criteria for judging health in holistic medicine. In other words, the meridians and collaterals are unclogged, helping the viscera systems of the whole body to function normally, with sufficient qi and blood, thereby improving gastrointestinal function, improving human immunity, and improving sleep quality."

    According to the relevant data:

    When a person reaches the age of 50, the stasis of the meridians and collaterals reaches about 50% (more than half), and the human body begins to age at this time.

    At the age of seventy or eighty, the stasis of the meridians and collaterals reaches 70-80%;

    But the current trend shows that the meridian blockage is obviously younger, because people because of long-term computer work and mobile phone use, lack of exercise, or incorrect exercise, seriously affect the circulation of the meridian, causing the body to push us all kinds of ⚠️ Warning Red Flag!

    Therefore, "keeping the meridians and collaterals unblocked" is the highest principle of TCM health care, emphasizing that the basic purpose of the exercise is to take the concepts of meridian qi and blood circulation, spine health care, and posture habit formation as the basic purpose of the exercise. So as to achieve the goal of exercise self-treatment and health care.

    Let's explore within, find the normal frequency that belongs to us, tune in and heal our body, mind, and spirit.

    Now, let's inspire the healthy wisdom of self-healing, achieve the effect of relaxing the tendons and dredging collaterals, heal our own pain, and replenish the damaged body that we consume in life and exercise!

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    This course combines the years of modern Chinese medicine rehabilitation experience of two famous California instructors. On the basis of twelve meridians and holistic medicine, this course integrates Tai Chi, rehabilitation yoga, and other self-healing exercises, so as to maintain the spine, relax the meridians, and guide the qi and blood. Cooperate with dantian breathing and adjust the breath, integrate self-healing health into life, relieve pain, nourish internal organs, enhance immunity, and make health and beauty a natural!

    Introduction of the Instructor

    Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li
    “To help people is what I do; To treat patients and serve the community is what I was born for. This is my life, and I’m enjoying every moment of it.”

    • 50 years of clinical experience in Oriental and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
    • Accredited Chief Physician of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS)
    • Vice Chairperson of WFCMS Orthopedics Committee
    • 5th generation practitioner of the world renowned Family of TCM

    Coach Maggie Zhu
    Head Health & Wellness Coach

    “I want to give it my all to help best maintain physical and mental health of my students. I was born to be the bridge, connecting Eastern with Western cultures, translating traditional health preservation wisdoms into practical methods for today’s lifestyle.”

    • Specialty Health & Fitness Coach from Google Headquarters
    • 17 years of teaching experience worldwide
    • 6th generation practitioner of the world renowned Family of TCM

    As a sixth-generation descendant, Coach Maggie has been practicing martial arts since childhood, researching traditional Chinese medicine and meridian self-healing movement, and has 15 years of rich teaching experience around the world.

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    In 2021, let us explore the inner, find the normal frequency that belongs to the individual, tune and heal our body, mind and spirit.

    Now, let’s inspire the healthy wisdom of self-healing, achieve the effect of relaxing tendons and dredging collaterals, heal one’s own pain, and replenish the damaged body that we consume in life and exercise!

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