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What Do the Locations of Acne Tell Us About Our Internal Heath?

What Do the Locations of Acne Tell Us About Our Internal Heath?

What Do the Locations of Acne Tell Us About Our Internal Heath?

The skin of the human body can reflect the health of the internal organs, and by the location of the acne, you can infer where there is a problem in the body. So while paying attention to pimples on your face, don't forget to pay attention to what may be a warning signal from your body internally!

8 Acne Corresponding Organ Locations:

πŸ”΄1. Between the eyebrows: heart and lung function
Reason: poor cardiopulmonary function, easy chest tightness, arrhythmia, palpitations. Improvement: Avoid tobacco, alcohol, and spicy food.

πŸ”΄2. Nose: Digestive System
Reason: abnormal digestive system. Improvement: Eat less cold, fried, and heavy-flavored foods.

πŸ”΄3. Cheek: Lung, liver function (left liver and right lung)
Acne on the right side: Lung dysfunction. Improvement: Pay attention to maintaining the respiratory tract, and try to avoid allergy-prone foods.
Acne on the left side: Liver function is not smooth, and there is heat toxicity. Improvement: normal work and rest, maintain a good mood, and stay away from sultry environment.

πŸ”΄4. Chin: Endocrine Function
Reason: endocrine disorders. Improvement: Eat less cold foods.

πŸ”΄5. Forehead: high pressure, bad temper
Reason: high pressure, bad temper, causing heart fire and blood circulation problems. Improvement: Maintain a healthy sleep schedule, and drink plenty of water.

πŸ”΄6. Temples: Eating too many processed foods
Reason: Small pimples and pimples near your temples indicate that your diet contains too many processed foods, causing a gallbladder blockage. Improvement: Suggest a body detoxification.

πŸ”΄7. Nose: Reproductive System
Reason: It is related to the ovarian function or the reproductive system. Improvement: Do not overindulge or abstain, go outdoors and relax your mind.

πŸ”΄8. Lips: constipation
Reason: Constipation leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Improvement: Eat more fruits and vegetables high in fiber.

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