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Women's Anti-Aging Diamond Beauty Course - First Class Is Free

Dr. Li Qiangwei:

"Over the years, I have been constantly updating my knowledge and obsessed with exploring the mysteries of life and the secret of "not getting old". In my research and teaching, I have concluded a sentence: "If you don't practice, you won't become a fairy!" Most of us women want to become Diamond girl, but there is no carving before [Diamond Beauty Course]. Today, I will summarize my nearly 50 years of clinical experience in practicing medicine to teach you how to find your own "way of anti-aging" through this course ."

What can I learn?
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  • Understand Your Body's Secrets: Knowing your body is the first step. The course will help you analyze the structure of every part of the body, from head to toe, from the outer skin to the inner organs, and analyze various body indicators such as internal fat, and their meanings.
  • Self-Targeted Conditioning: When we are more familiar with our own body, you will learn how to use the movement methods and thoughts to unblock the meridians to make overall deep adjustment from your head, neck, chest, back, and abdomen.
  • Pelvic Cavity & Breast - The Secret of Pineal Gland: Don't underestimate these three parts! They are the focus of our women's immortality! Mr. Li will lead you to discuss the maintenance of the pelvic cavity and our female breasts, reveal the secret of the whole body's pineal gland, and learn the essentials of pelvic viscera including uterine muscle movement and breast lift.


  • Meridian Repair and Skin Rejuvenation: The meridians are the channels through which qi and blood run in the human body. The transport of nutrients and the excretion of toxins are all done through the meridians. The health and disease conditions of the human body are transmitted through the meridians and reflected in the reflection area of ​​the face, and the face is a mirror that reflects the health of the human body. Problems such as facial spots, yellowing, darkening, graying, and wrinkles are often signs of changes in the body. Blocked meridians on the face are problems of facial skin. Therefore, to beautify the skin, first pay attention to dredging the meridians, health care internal organs, and then With the facial meridian dredging, it really makes the skin whiten, wrinkle-free and shiny.


  • Beautiful Shapes: You will learn how to warm the buttocks by 1 degree, effectively reduce gynecological diseases by 80%, excrete uterine toxins and wastes, plump the buttocks, shrink the uterus, maintain the ovaries, and improve inflammation.
  • Meditation & Breathing: Use meditation and internal body scans to remove negative energy and run the body's qi and blood circulation. When qi arrives, blood arrives, so that the place where qi stagnation is no longer blocked, and the place where blood stasis is invisible, so the meridians and collaterals are blocked, and diseases such as insufficient qi and blood will be solved easily, making the mood clearer and more relaxed.


  • Customized Tutorial: Small class teaching, some tutorials are customized according to each student's physical condition and sports background.
Dr. Li Qiangwei Profile
Dr.. Li Qiangwei, who is in her seventies, has nearly 50 years of medical experience and rich teaching experience. As a senior female medical expert, Ms. Li has devoted herself to the close relationship between women's health and self-healing exercise in clinical research for many years. , so as to help countless female friends prolong their youth from the three aspects of mind, body and spirit, and prevent aging.

Dr. Li (Professor) is the current master of Chinese medicine, and
  • Certified Chief Physician of the International Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
  • Founding Director, Auckland Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, New Zealand
  • Judge of the World Kung Fu Wushu Duan Ranking System Association
  • Distinguished Consultant of Wudang Wugong Society in New York, USA
  • Founding President of Wudang Neijia Gong Society, New Zealand

2020 Online Courses Warmly Accepting Registration

No matter where you are in the world, you can get one-on-one anti-aging guidance from famous teachers!


  • PDT every Friday from 8pm – 9.30pm
  • New Zealand Time NZT Every Saturday 3pm – 4.30pm

【Zoom Class】

  • Each class is 1.5 hours, small class, one-on-one tutoring after class.


  • One physical class: USD$768, online class is only USD $176! Including 8 1.5-hour small class teaching, one free trial class, one-on-one after-class tutoring!

2020 Online Courses Warmly Accepting Registration

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