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Women's Meridian Self-Healing & Repairing and Anti-Aging Public Class

Women's Meridian Repairing and Anti-aging Self-Healing Public Welfare Class

From facial meridian repairing and wrinkle removal to the maintenance of the internal organs and spine, Dr. Li and Maggie were on the same stage on the afternoon of 5/15 Saturday, they presented a wealth of public welfare courses such as the introduction of meridians and beauty and self-cultivation for the students. , and solve the common problems for everyone!

Missed our free public class? Don't worry, watch the wonderful replay now!

In holistic medicine, the 12 meridians of the body are the main trunks that support the movement of qi and blood in the body.

The meridians and collaterals are interconnected with each other to form a network of "qi" (energy), "blood" (nourishing substances), and various body fluid circulation, and connect them. The body surface, limbs, and viscera maintain the normal physiological functions of the body. Therefore, if the "meridians" are unobstructed, qi and blood can run smoothly throughout the body, and the viscera, skin, muscles, bones, joints, and other tissues can be nourished, and the body will not suffer from illness; otherwise, If due to bad habits, such as long-term incorrect posture causes muscle stiffness, blockage of meridians, and obstruction of qi and blood transport, after a period of accumulation, pain and discomfort will appear first, and more serious diseases will form.

Therefore, "keep the meridians open" is The highest principle of traditional Chinese medicine health care, emphasizes that the concept of meridian qi and blood circulation, spine health care, posture habits development, and other concepts are the basic purposes of the exercise, through continuous practice to develop the ability of the body, improve the health index of the body, to achieve self-treatment and health preservation through exercise. 

Health is the goal!

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the May Women's Meridian Repair and Anti-aging + Meridian Self-Healing Movement Charity Class!!

"We are thrilled and touched by everyone's support for Li Natural Healthcare! Special thanks to the friends who shared our posts and let more people aware of the impact of meridian blockage on health!


Thank You So Much, Everyone!"

Course Focus and Essentials

Learning acupoint of the meridian self-healing class

  • Demonstration teaching: stretching and warm-up exercise in the meridian self-healing class
  • Demonstration teaching: exercises to relieve back discomfort and improve sleep quality
  • The learning points of the meridian repairing and anti-aging class
  • Demonstration Teaching: Facial Scraping
    1. Pericardial meridian is blocked: insomnia, more dreams, easy to wake up, difficulty to fall asleep; upset, forgetfulness, chest tightness, stuffy, dry mouth; neurasthenia
    2. The Sanjiao meridian is blocked: migraine, dizziness, upper heat, and lower cold; hands and feet are afraid of cold, tired, and irritable; skin is prone to allergies; muscles and joints are sore and weak
    3. Lung meridian is blocked: afraid of the wind, easy to sweat, dry throat and cough; dry skin and easy allergies;
    4. Movement causes shortness of breath, chest shade, complexion, dull skin
    5. The large intestine meridian is blocked: toothache, dry mouth, skin irritation, blue veins, spots, weakened gastrointestinal function, excretory system disorder
    6. The heart meridian is blocked: upset, frightened, heart palpitations, suffocation, and heartache;
    7. Shortness of breath, the feeling of pressure, depression, and irritability; oral ulcers, dry mouth, bad breath
    8. The kidney meridian is blocked: cold hands and feet; dry mouth; soreness in waist and knees; irregular menstruation; loss of libido; heel pain; frequent urination, oliguria, and yellow urine

"Integrate health and anti-aging into your life, I hope you will gain a lot, and join us to be a woman who knows how to take care of yourself from the inside out!"


      FAQ Live Q&A:

      Health-related issues:


      Q: I know that Li Natural Healthcare has a good course, and my friends are also taking it. I am a mother of two children. I don't sleep well, my body is stiff, and I am prone to pain. Which one is more suitable for me?

      A: Coach Maggie: Many middle-aged friends have these troubles. It is recommended not to do strenuous exercise 2 hours before going to bed. We can do a decompression mat exercise 30 minutes before bed. First of all, we want to loosen the spine, welcome to watch our spine maintenance exercise video. The spine is our central nervous system. After the spine is unblocked, the body and mind will get a good pressure relief, and the symptoms of low back pain can also be relieved. Next is to clear the gallbladder meridian of the body, help insomnia, light sleep, and ease fatigue problems. Welcome to our full-body stress-relief exercise video before bed. In terms of courses, it is recommended to choose meridian exercise.

      Q: My skin is not very good and my complexion is dull. I want to learn about women's maintenance. Which course is more suitable for me?

      A: Coach Maggie: I suggest Dr. Li's "Women's Anti-aging Course", from facial meridian scraping, meridian scraping, wrinkle removal, and visceral maintenance, women's ovary, and uterus maintenance and anti-aging. 

      Q: What can I do to relieve neck pain?

      A: Coach Maggie: Daily care is very important, don't wait until you have neck pain or cervical spine problems to start paying attention! Here are instructional videos for daily computer pain relief and cervical spine disease prevention! 

      Q: What acupoints can be massaged for poor sleep?

      A: Coach Maggie: Follow the pressure-lowering ditch behind the ear to the Fengchi point at the back of the head, use acupressure or scraping to relieve pressure, and use pad exercises to soothe the spine.

      Q: Can black and white tablets be taken with vitamins? Can men take it?

      A: Coach Maggie: Li Natural Healthcare's products are 100% natural herbal extracts, so they are absorbed the same as food. It can be taken with vitamins. Men can take black tablets to help sleep quality at night and the body's detoxification function. 

      Q: I am prone to spots on my face. Is there any way to lighten and prevent them?

      A: Coach Maggie: It is easy to get spots, you need to pay attention to whether you have symptoms before menstruation? For example headaches, mood swings, blood clots during periods, etc? If you have entered menopause, is the syndrome more obvious? This shows that in the case of liver stagnation, first of all, the treatment method of soothing the liver and regulating qi needs to be combined with the exercise conditioning method of soothing and regulating the liver meridian. Suggestions for internal use: female black and white ingot set, soothing and nourishing tea, external treatment: facial meridian scraping to lighten spots, and meridian exercise focusing on liver and gallbladder meridians. Adjustment of daily life: fall asleep before 11 p.m. (time for detoxification of the gallbladder meridian!) 

      Q: My husband is taking SPINE HEALTH, and his spirit has improved significantly now, and he is not tired all day long. I have low back pain before my period, can I still take it? 

      A: Coach Maggie: SpineHealth Revive is a purely natural health product that helps to supply sufficient blood to the spine and nourish the kidneys. Low back pain before menstruation can be relieved with health care dosage, because of its effect of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, the menstrual period will be smoother.

      Q: Is hysterectomy surgery, or after menopause, is the black and white subscription still effective?

      A: Coach Maggie: Part of the blood supply in the ovaries is endowed by the uterus. After the hysterectomy, the ovaries attached to the uterus will naturally be affected, the blood supply will be insufficient, the ovarian function will be reduced, the secretion of estrogen will be reduced, or it may cause women to have varying degrees of Reproductive lesions, leading to endocrine disorders. The endocrine regulation of the uterus and ovary forms a feedback system with the central nervous system. After a hysterectomy, this feedback link is destroyed, especially when the level of estrogen decreases, it will interfere with the normal secretion and metabolism of central neurotransmitters, which can cause different degrees of anxiety and depression symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, lack of interest, and insomnia. Dreams, memory loss, weakened immune system, and other symptoms.

      Women's Day & Night Duo are the basic formula for women's maintenance, suitable for long-term use (you can think of it as a vitamin with herbal ingredients).

      People with symptoms can be used for defense and conditioning, and people with symptoms will improve after taking it. If you are in menopause, if you have no symptoms of menopause, it is recommended to take two capsules in the morning and evening for a long time, as a basic maintenance formula for regulating qi and blood and preventing menopausal syndrome.

      In addition, the more suitable for menopausal women's nursing regimens include various types of medicated teas:

      These are the basics that can be used as our women's daily maintenance. Teabags can also be used as medicinal food bags for stewing soups.

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