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Young And Clear Skin Is Not Just A Dream!

Bright, Plum and Vibrant
This sentence just shows the psychological standard of Asians in pursuit of skin beauty. We are born with yellow skin, but "yellow" is not the natural skin color of a healthy Chinese. In fact, the skin color of a healthy yellow race is yellow with white, and the white is reddish, which is also the unique beauty and provincial level of the Orientals.
In terms of "face color", people pursue red and dislike black and yellow, because white and red represent youth and health, while black and yellow mostly represent old age and disease. However, due to the influence of various factors such as congenital hereditary and acquired living habits, some people have a darker life, some have a yellowish life, and some people look better when they are young, but it happens when they are in their 30s or 40s. Changes; chloasma appeared on the face, and the complexion lost its former luster.
In order to seek beauty, many friends, especially female friends, spend a lot of money on high-end cosmetics, expecting to receive the effect of beautiful skin and beauty. And the results were ineffective. To improve the complexion, cosmetics alone are not enough, proper internal and external maintenance, adequate sleep, a happy mood, and a good diet are more important. Cosmetics are purely cosmetic. They use natural herbal prescriptions and natural therapy to regulate qi and blood, relax meridians and activate collaterals, so that beauty can be emitted from the inside.

The history of TCM cosmetology can be traced back to two thousand years ago, and Li's TCM cosmetology has been passed down for five generations. Its essence will provide effective natural medicines and natural methods for modern Chinese beauty and world beauty. The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine is the source of the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and it also lays a theoretical foundation for the formation and development of traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology. And Li's TCM beauty series therapy is also one of the important parts of Li's ancestral traditional Chinese medicine. In Chinese medicine, we believe that human beings are an organic whole, facial features, beard, hair, claws, and nails are only part of the whole. Therefore, in order to obtain partial beauty, we must first seek the balance of yin and yang of the whole, the stability of the viscera, the smooth meridians and collaterals, and the circulation of qi and blood.

People's skin and complexion can be recuperated from within.
When our internal organs are full of vital energy, our complexion will naturally be plump and white; while those with stagnant complexion and insufficient vital energy will naturally have a withered or yellowish complexion. There are various methods of TCM cosmetology, which can be roughly divided into five categories: traditional Chinese medicine, diet, acupuncture, massage, and qigong. In addition to the five basic treatments, Lee's natural beauty treatment also focuses on psychological, health preservation and other methods, and is more specific and thorough to change the physique and improve the skin. And each category is divided into specific treatments, such as drug cosmetology, internal use, and external use. External usage is divided into sticking method, bathing and so on. Li's stick-on beauty formula prepares a personal perfect mask according to different skin types and ages, including whitening formula, anti-wrinkle formula, anti-acne formula, face-retaining formula, etc. It is combined with the basis of traditional Chinese medicine holistic therapy. good.

Traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology intervenes by means of medicine, uses natural therapy to make the effect better and more perfect, safe and reliable, and has no side effects. Traditional Chinese medicine cosmetology greatly avoids the harm of debited products to the human body, and is the most suitable cosmetic method for human health. Below, I will introduce to you how to correctly use traditional Chinese medicine beauty methods to help you improve your appearance:

Freckles are small light brown spots ranging from the tip of a needle to the size of a grain of rice. They often appear on the forehead, bridge of the nose and cheeks, and occasionally on the neck, shoulders, back of the hands, etc.
For women who are naturally beautiful, this is undoubtedly very image-affecting. In the treatment of freckles, there is no detour to achieve the effect of eradication. In addition to the need to use topical cosmetic methods to improve the current situation, the more important thing is to prevent the tendency of recurrence in the future. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the blockage of the meridians leads to the stagnation of blood and the blockage. The blood cannot reach the face and nourish the skin, and the metabolic wastes, harmful substances and melanin in the skin cannot be excreted with the normal metabolism of the human body, and gradually deposit. Freckles formed.
The reason why pigmentation is difficult to cure is that most of the patients with pigmentation have symptoms of a certain degree of deficiency of both qi and blood. Ordinary medicines cannot be applied directly to the lesions, and it is difficult to completely remove the purulent scum adhering to the meridians like bean curd residue. At this time, the use of traditional Chinese medicine massage therapy to improve metabolic function can well control the growth of freckles from the inside. The acupoint associated with facial freckles is the Sea of ​​Blood. Blood Sea Point is one of the acupuncture points on the human body, located above the knee. Massage or acupuncture can not only help remove facial freckles but also treat dysmenorrhea, maternal soreness and other symptoms.
TCM acupoint massage should try to massage the blood sea point on the knee before lunch. I insist on rubbing the blood sea points on both sides for 3 minutes every day.

Wrinkles can be eliminated or improved; and for young people who have not yet developed fine lines, they can be prevented and the process of skin aging can be slowed down. With proper treatment without smearing on the face, Chinese medicine has a way for you to achieve just as good results. Chinese medicine believes that 'the twelve meridians, three hundred and sixty-five meridians, the blood and qi are all injected into the face', so the prosperity and wrinkle of the facial skin are closely related to the rise and fall of the whole body's qi, blood and body fluids.
The production of qi and blood is strong, the body fluid is abundant, and the body blood is circulated normally, the facial skin will be moist and soft; on the contrary, if the qi and blood are weak, the veins are depleted, the blood is insufficient, and the qi can not promote the face, so that the body blood cannot honor the face, and the face will be dry and yellow. And wrinkled.
The use of traditional Chinese massage techniques here can target the muscles of the face for large-scale or local tendon-strengthening techniques, so as to reposition the slack skin and muscles, thereby making the face more tense and eliminating fine lines.
Li's facial acupuncture is also a major breakthrough in the field of traditional Chinese medicine beauty. Using acupuncture to stimulate the nerves at the appropriate acupoints can effectively remove wrinkles and improve the skin. Some people even call this method "natural botulinum toxin", which can get the best results without spending expensive expenses and enduring the pain and sequelae of botulinum toxin. For self-care, you can use your thumb and middle finger to press Tianrong acupoint, Tianhou acupoint, Shi, middle and ring fingers at the same time, or rub Renying, Futu, and Tianchuang acupoints at the same time. Massage for 10-15 minutes every day. Lifting has great effect.

Both men and women want to have a rosy and healthy complexion.
Poor complexion, the impact on the appearance is small, the reaction to health problems is big. When the human body is deficient in qi and blood, the complexion is often dull, sallow, and lacklustre; if the complexion is good, the health of the spleen is the most important, followed by the promotion of blood circulation. Only correct and healthy inner conditioning can make you radiant from the inside out. In addition to internal conditioning, it is also necessary to pay attention to normal work and rest time, not staying up late, not smoking, usually doing sunscreen work, and eating more whitening fruits and vegetables. In order to help you learn more about TCM cosmetology, in the next article, we will introduce you more about how to use TCM and diet therapy for correct and healthy beauty.

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