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2020 Free Public Seminar - Special Online Program - Autoimmune Healing for COVID-19

At the moment when COVID-19 is spreading arrogantly, having a strong physique and a secure mentality is what everyone must pay attention to.

In order to let the public pay attention to and learn how to improve self-enhancing immunity and strengthen the function of internal organs, Google specialist coach Maggie, a health instructor of Tai Chi, and Professor Li Qiangwei, a senior international medical and martial arts expert, to share the public welfare professor [Immune Relaxing Internal Healing Online Course], a series of practical sharing courses on how to improve autologous antiviral ability.

The two international public free courses have been well received by students. Nearly 200 families from 5 countries have hundreds of students practicing martial arts and self-healing exercises in the cloud at the same time. The response has been excellent!

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