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Celebrate Chinese New Year & Save 15% For the Year of the Tiger!

Happy Lunar New Year Everyone!

For the first time in a while, New Year's Eve may feel more like a glimmer of a regular celebration — and a powerful wave of hope for the future is sure to be present at any New Year's celebration this year.

If there's anything that we've learned in 2021, it's not to take our health for granted; in 2022, a renewed focus on your own lifestyle and priorities may be top of mind. Your annual resolutions may feel different than before, it's a good change actually, and it's important to take stock of what's important in your life. 

We're not just talking about a new diet or fitness routine — set your sights on revolutionizing your overall health and mental health, detoxifying your systems, regulating your hermon/ lymphatic, troubleshooting your sleep routine,  or learning meridian exercises and meditation.

Li Natural Healthcare is here to help! 

We are offering a special 15% off discount for all products from today to the end of Lunar New Year Celebration (2/15/2022) to help you get started with a healthier lifestyle!

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For over 200 years, Li Natural Healthcare has been dedicated to bringing you the highest potency products with the best ingredients quality guaranteed.

Don't miss this chance if you have been wanting to learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine which heals and revitalizes your body through natural herbs!  


Get these must-haves and see how it changes your health!

Women’s Day & Night Duo

Say goodbye to skin that exceeds your age, tired days, restless nights, and irritable or uncomfortable reproductive symptoms. Prolong your youth, encourage hormone balance, and detox all with one perfect, simple solution: Women’s Day Renew and Night Repair Duo!

Benefit from this all-natural set for complete nourishment for the body day and night. Expert clinicians combined science with generations-approved herbal remedies to put together a supplement pairing that’s 100% natural – and unlike any other. Just one dose a day and one dose at night will help refresh your energy, revitalize your appearance, and boost your natural detox response.


Nourish Me Collection – Herbal Teas & Therapeutic Heat / Cold Herbal Pad 

Warm-up and nourish yourself from inside out with the “Nourish Me” Collection! Herbal Teas to help to maintain healthy insides & Therapeutic Heating / Cooling Herbal Pad to help ease body aches and relax the mind!

This set is a perfect wellness gift for yourself or someone you care about! It features 3 packs of best-selling specialty Herbal Teas, and 1 Therapeutic Heat / Cold Herbal Pad of your choice at a bundled price.

Specialty Herbal Teas included:

  • Vitality Boost: Anti-aging, promote healthy circulation, help to enhance and boost immunity.
  • Slim & Detox: Help to reduce bloating, encourage detoxification, and support a healthy heart & digestive system.
  • Relax & Soothe: Help to relieve stress & anxiety, enhance sleep quality, and calm mind & body.

    MADE IN USA using handpicked high quality herbs, these formulas have been clinically proven to bring you and your family many health benefits, your secret weapon to staying well and healthy in any season.



    Spine Health Revive (Value Twin Pack)

    Tired of back irritation or discomfort getting in the way of you living your best life? Best-selling spine supplement for almost half a century, Li Natural’s SpineHealth Revive™ is a 100% natural herbal supplement that is professionally formulated to help support spinal health and recovery.

    This proprietary formula helps to encourage blood circulation and helps to stimulate healthy immune system response throughout the body.

    Just two doses a day can help decrease your discomfort, relieve body pains, and reduces fatigue.*

    SpineHealth Revive™ also helps to support the immune system! Our experts know that sustainable health is achieved through comprehensive care. So, we’ve added key ingredients to help you promote crucial kidney and liver processes, help detox your body, and enhance your energy level.



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