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Dr. Li Attended The 3rd World Spine Health Forum & Received First Place Award

Sponsored by the Spine Health Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Chiropractic Branch of the Chinese Association of Chinese Medicine, Guangxi International Zhuang Medical Hospital, Guangxi Pingnan Tongan Orthopaedic Hospital, Guangxi Chinese Medicine Association Chiropractic Professional Committee, and Beijing Yizong Chiropractic Medicine, the "3rd World Chiropractic Forum and the 14th National Academic Exchange Conference of Traditional Chinese Medicine Chiropractic" co-organized by the Institute was successfully held in Nanning, Guangxi from December 7th to 9th, 2018.

In response to the call of the 9th WHO Global Health Promotion Conference, the topic of this conference is to "exchange the experience of maintaining spinal health with various countries and ethnic groups", focusing on how to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of spinal strain disease and the clinical experience of treating spinal diseases. 

From China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, and other countries and regions, 336 experts and representatives of spine health and traditional Chinese medicine chiropractic attended the meeting. As the vice-chairman of the professional committee, Dr. Li Qiangwei led the team to attend this conference, published a special report on the relationship between Wudang internal strength and bone injury and chiropractic, and served as the judge of the "International Senior Physician Title" evaluation committee. The conference received a total of 68 papers from all over the world, which were compiled into the conference proceedings.

After the selection by the expert group of the World Federation of China Spine Health Professional Committee, Professor Li Qiangwei's thesis report won the first prize in this thesis selection.

The academic exchange conference was concluded on the afternoon of December 9th under the chairmanship of Professor Huang Junqing, Vice Chairman of the Spine Health Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine and Vice Chairman of the Chiropractic Branch of the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He concluded that the conference has the following three characteristics:

  1. The meeting is of a high standard. The presence of two former deputy ministers of the Ministry of Health, former members of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Party Committee, and leaders at all levels in Guangxi showed that the leaders attached great importance to it.
  2. The number of participants is large and the scope is wide. The conference brought together more than 300 experts and scholars from all over the world.
  3. The quality of the participating papers is high and the schedule is tight. At the conference, more than 40 experts showed their advanced experience in spinal diseases, which were well received by the participants.

Since its establishment 15 years ago, the World Federation of Chinese Medicine has been committed to promoting the widespread dissemination of traditional Chinese medicine around the world.

Today, it has developed into an influential international center with 266 group members and 180 branches in 70 countries and regions.

Medical academic organization.

It is an official relationship member of the World Health Organization (WHO) non-governmental organization, an A-level liaison agency of the International Organization for Standardization Chinese Medicine Technical Committee (ISO/TC249), and a UNESCO-certified intangible cultural heritage protection consultant The institution plays an active role in strengthening exchanges and cooperation between traditional Chinese medicine and traditional medicine in various countries, promoting the process of internationalization and standardization of traditional Chinese medicine, participating in the formulation of health policies, and promoting the entry of traditional Chinese medicine into the medical and health care systems of various countries.

The Spine Health Professional Committee is one of the branches of the World Federation of China Federations. Although it has only been established for 3 years, with the joint efforts of more than 500 directors from more than 20 countries, it earnestly follows the constitution of the association, continuously strengthens organizational construction, and improves the directors.

Various working systems of the meeting have made positive contributions to the spread and development of traditional Chinese medicine at home and abroad. In response to the Chinese government's call for poverty alleviation through science and technology, the special committee held large-scale free clinics in Xinjiang, Ningxia, and Guizhou, treating more than 7,000 patients; in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, as well as South Korea, the United States, Italy, and other countries, TCM chiropractic was held respectively. There are 97 training courses for physicians, training 5,382 physicians; in order to popularize the knowledge of spine health, 319 large-scale popular science lectures were held, with an audience of 19,928, and the popular science monographs "Why 1,000 Spinal Injuries and Diseases" and "Chiropractic" were edited and published.

Focusing on standardization construction, organized and published the "Technical Grading Standards for Chiropractors in Traditional Chinese Medicine" and its technical operation specifications. An international standard for spine health. This conference is in response to the call of the World Health Organization's 9th Global Health Promotion Conference to exchange the experiences of various countries and ethnic groups in maintaining spinal health.

At present, the field of global health and wellness is still facing severe challenges. At the 71st World Health Assembly held in May this year, the Director-General of the World Health Organization, Mr. Twodros, emphasized in the report that WHO's sustainable development goal is to achieve universal health coverage by 2030 while giving full play to traditional medicine. positive effect.

There is a long way to go to promote human health, and we urgently need to inherit, develop, and utilize traditional Chinese medicine, optimize health services, increase health supply, and improve health. This conference broadly unites colleagues at home and abroad and people with lofty ideals in related fields to give full play to the advantages and characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, promote traditional Chinese medicine to go to the world more widely, and continuously improve the benefits and international influence of traditional Chinese medicine. In order to promote human health, make a new contribution.

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