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Dr. Li Qiangwei Elected As The Second Vice Chairman of The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Spinal Health Specialty Committee of WFCMS

Congratulations to Dr. Li Qiangwei for her recognition of the second vice chairman of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Spinal Health Specialty Committee!

Congratulations to Dr. Li Qiangwei for her recognition of the second vice chairman of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Spine Health Professional Committee.

Dr. Li Qiangwei has practiced medicine for over 50 years. For many years, she uses the superb natural prescription passed down from the family of five generations and modern science to help countless people.

She has contributed to the international communication field of Chinese medicine for many years, and has once again been certified and affirmed by World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies

Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li

Medical Director

“To help people is what I do; to treat patients and serve the community is what I was born for. This is my life, and I’m enjoying every moment of it.”

Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li is the Medical Director of Li’s Nature Healthcare International, where she thrives everyday to lead the organization in providing patients worldwide with best quality TCM treatments, natural supplements and life changing health seminars.

Dr. Li is one of the world’s renowned authorities in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with over 40 years of clinical experience.

Currently the Vice Chairperson and Chief Physician of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS) Orthopedics Committee, Dr. Li holds numerous tertiary qualifications, awards and accolades in the field of TCM, Health Science, and Acupuncture from both New Zealand and Overseas. Dr. Li is an New Zealand ACC accredited treatment provider and a member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturist (NZRA). Dr. Li and her team has been serving the local community for over 20 years.

As well as her strong academic and practical background, Dr. Li is the 5th generation practitioner of the world renowned Li’s Family of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Dr. Li started her path in Chinese Medicine at a very young age of 5 under her Father, Master Prof. Tong Sheng Li, studying Chinese herbal medicine as well as Wu Dang Kung Fu and Tai Chi. By the age of 14, she had already begun searching for natural healing methods combining Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and the esoteric arts of Chi Kung (the inner energy from practicing Tai Chi).

Dr. Li had spent most of her early years following Master Prof. Dong Sheng Li to further study the effective, yet gentle healing techniques of TCM. She had witnessed a countless number of patients being treated and healed by the miraculous techniques passed down from her family and had since determined to pass these wisdom down helping thousands worldwide.Dedicated to spreading the wonders of Traditional Chinese Medicine and non-invasive treatment to the world, Dr. Li is devoting her life to natural medicine science and hoping to help as many as possible worldwide.


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