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Dr. Li's Journey In Promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine & Martial Arts - Overseas Chinese Network Headline - People's Daily

New Zealand is also called "the land of white clouds" by the world. In there lives a group of descendants of the dragon, who traveled across the ocean with the essence of Chinese culture and took root on this beautiful island. Professor Li Qiangwei in Auckland is the messenger who immigrated to New Zealand in her early years to inherit and promote Chinese medicine and Chinese martial arts culture.

Immigrated to New Zealand for more than 20 years, she has established the New Zealand Chinese Wudang Neijia Kung Fu Association and taught countless students. During these years, she has won the ninth highest rank of World Kung Fu and works as one rank reviewer for World Kung Fu Association. 

Dr. Li started her TCM learning at age 5, following in her father's footsteps, Dr. Li Tong-Sheng, a famous Chinese medicine master. Dr. Li suffered from a serious accident and a severe concussion of a dislocated and fractured spine during a military training. At that time, she fell into a deep coma. Under the careful treatment of her father for three months, Li Qiangwei was awakened. Since then she regained her memory and started to realized the magic of her family's traditional ethnic medicine. She hopes to use this ancestral medicine to help more patients. She recovered from her disability and tenaciously followed her father and practiced martial arts and Chinese medicine. With tenacious belief, Li Qiangwei was admitted to the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and became an outstanding student.

While working and studying abroad, she obtained a bachelor's degree in medicine from New Zealand, became the first group of New Zealand's nationally registered acupuncturists, and founded Li's Qiangwei Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (now Auckland Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine). She is also a medical columnist for 4 newspapers in New Zealand and hosts a Chinese medicine program on WTV Radio New Zealand. Li Qiangwei led the team to host social medical lectures many times, which was widely praised by all walks of life. In 2003, she was selected as the Outstanding Overseas Chinese Representative by the World Outstanding Chinese Yearbook.

In the years of practicing medicine and teaching, Dr. Li participated in the compilation of many monographs on traditional Chinese medicine, such as "Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopaedic Science", "Chinese Orthopaedic Science", "Chinese Orthopaedic Science Dictionary" and "Taoist Traumatology", etc. She has also published many books. Several academic papers, including "Introduction to Li's Traditional Bone-setting Method", "Therapeutic Effects of Li's Traditional Chinese Medicine Tongdu Tablet on Lumbar Stenosis", "Mini-Incision for Gluteal Muscle Contracture", etc. affirm. Her academic lectures are distributed in more than a dozen countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

What makes her most gratified is that her daughter Li Yide Maggie has been with her for many years and has given her mother the greatest support. As a senior engineer, Li Yide Maggie resolutely assumed the responsibility of the sixth-generation head of Li's Medicine. Li Yide Maggie serves as a specially-appointed health consultant and martial arts coach at Google headquarters, and they often hold voluntary lectures and free clinics in the United States.

Li Qiangwei kept in mind the motto given to her by her father: "To help the living people in the world—medicine aims to help the world, to live people, and treating diseases and saving people is the supreme merit, which cannot be understood by the virtue of fame and fortune."  Along the way, Li Qiangwei Professor Qiangwei is currently the president of Auckland Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (formerly Li's Qiangwei Hospital), the chief physician of the International Association of Chinese Medicine, the editorial board member of the "Chinese Journal of Orthopedics and Traumatology", the vice president of the WCC Orthopaedic Association, and the WCC Chiropractic Association. Vice President, Senior Professional Title Evaluation Expert of World Traditional Chinese Medicine Physician.

Over the years, Li Qiangwei has cured many patients with incurable diseases. But as the dean, she is low-key and modest, and her optimistic attitude towards life is respected and loved by everyone. Professor Li Qiangwei, who is over 60 years old, has been practicing self-cultivation all year round. Painting and calligraphy, martial arts, and aerial yoga are her important activities outside of work and writing. She still maintains her youthful vitality.

She said: "We have witnessed countless miracles of traditional Chinese medicine in our work, and I am the best proof. I hope my team can use Lee's traditional medicine to help more people." Lee's medicine is now world-renowned The Chinese medicine medical system not only promotes the great medical cause of the motherland but also carries forward the fine tradition of Chinese medicine and the lofty medical ethics in the world. 

Reprinted from [China Overseas Chinese Network], and [People's Daily Overseas Edition] headline news, reporter: Liu Shujin

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