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Dr. Li Invited By The International Authoritative Chinese Medicine Professional Education Network Qi-Huang.Com & Offer A Series of Special Effects Diagnosis & Treatment Clinic Study

An expert in traditional Chinese medicine, the academic heir of five generations of inheritance, Professor Li Qiangwei was invited by the international authoritative TCM professional teaching network "Qihuang.com" to give a special public lecture for professional clinicians around the world on Saturday, 6/26: "The treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis" Non-surgical diagnosis and treatment] and solve the common difficulties in clinical treatment for everyone. 5,000 trainees attended the lecture and learned the specific treatment of non-surgical treatment.

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Lumbar spinal stenosis, one of the most common causes of low back and leg pain, is caused by the degeneration and aging of spinal structures such as intervertebral discs and articular processes. Symptoms can be relieved after squatting or resting; because the early symptoms are not obvious, they are often ignored, but if not treated early, it will gradually lead to weakness or loss of control of bowel and bladder, inability to walk in both lower extremities, and even paralysis, living in a wheelchair. life, therefore, should be treated early.

In clinical practice, there are surgical treatments and non-surgical treatments. Surgical treatment, usually laminectomy and decompression, can easily lead to nerve center damage after operation; non-surgical treatment includes acupuncture, small needle knife, Chinese chiropractic manipulation, prescription treatment, etc., to reduce the severity of stenosis, thereby providing patients with an alternative to surgical treatment, reducing pain symptoms and reducing postoperative sequelae caused by secondary trauma.

In the inheritance and application of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics and traumatology, a five-generation line of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics, Qufu Li's traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics has been passed down from generation to generation, and the clinical effect is remarkable, especially its original "SpineHealth Revive" treatment prescription is, even more, The savior for low back pain.


This Course Mainly Focus On These Following:

  • Basic analysis of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS)
  • Treatment mode and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine alternative surgery for LSS – 125 clinical case studies
  • Conclusion: According to the symptoms and signs, the recurrence rate analysis showed that the total rate of lumbar spinal stenosis treated with Lee's Traumatology non-surgical prescription was 73%, and the long-term effective rate was 97%.
  • Analysis of typical cases of lumbar spinal stenosis, clinical treatment demonstration
  • Introduction of the follow-up series of courses - Li's Traumatology Rehabilitation and Operation Demonstration of Common Clinical Cases (10 lessons)



    Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li

    Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li is the Medical Director of Li Natural Healthcare, where she thrives every day to lead the organization in providing patients worldwide with the best quality TCM treatments, natural supplements, and life-changing self-care courses.

    Dr. Li is one of the world’s renowned authorities in the field of Oriental and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with 50 years of clinical experience. Currently the Vice-Chairperson and Chief Physician of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS) Orthopedics Committee, Dr. Li holds numerous tertiary qualifications, awards, and accolades in the field of TCM, Health Science, and Acupuncture from both New Zealand and Overseas. Dr. Li is a New Zealand ACC accredited treatment provider and a member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (NZRA). Dr. Li and her team have been serving the local community for over 20 years.

    As well as her strong academic and clinical background, Dr. Li is the 5th generation practitioner of the world renowned Li’s Family of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She started her path in Chinese Medicine at a very young age of 5 under her Father, Master Prof. Tong Sheng Li, studying Chinese Herbal Medicine as well as Wudang Kung Fu and Tai Chi. By the age of 14, she had already begun searching for natural healing methods combining Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and the esoteric arts of Qigong (the inner energy from practicing Tai Chi).

    Dr. Li had spent most of her early years shadowing Master Prof. Tong Sheng Li to further study the effective, holistic healing techniques of TCM, followed by her 50 years of clinical experience. She had witnessed a countless number of patients being treated and healed by the miraculous treatment methods passed down from her family, and had since determined to share the wisdom with the world, she and her team had since helped thousands around the globe.

    A replay of the 1st episode of Qihuang.com's public welfare course - QH Public Welfare Live - Special Effect Diagnosis and Treatment of Lumbar Spinal Stenosis In Qufu Li's Orthopedics and Traumatology by Dr. Li

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