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Dr. Qiangwei Li's TCM Professional Development Course Received USA NCCAOM Accreditation & New Zealand Acupuncture Association NZRA Accreditation

Expert in traditional Chinese medicine, the academic heir of five generations of inheritance, Dr. Qiangwei Li was invited by the international authoritative TCM professional development provider Qihuang to conduct the "Li's Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinical Treatment Course" at the end of July!

Dr. Li's course is based on the original intention of "inheriting the essence of Chinese orthopaedics and traumatology". It has been approved by the National Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine NCCAOM, and has been approved by the New Zealand Acupuncture Standards Association NZASA and the New Zealand Acupuncture Association Acupuncture NZ. Many clinicians and TCM scholars have gained valuable experience from generation to generation!

Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li

When it comes to fractures, lumbar disc herniation, scoliosis, etc., do you think of surgical treatment? This is also a common phenomenon in clinical practice.

The patient is lying on the operating table under anesthesia, and the doctor moves around with various sharp instruments, knocking here, cutting there, suturing, etc. From the perspective of Western medical anatomy, it seems to be the Part of the physiological structure has been repaired, but this kind of surgery can easily lead to nerve damage, and because of the long treatment time, many patients cannot bear it. Non-surgical Chinese medicine treatment can just avoid many of these risks.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM Traumatology and Orthopedics) is the dominant disease of traditional Chinese medicine, but due to some reasons, it is gradually lost. This inheritance course of Teacher Li Qiangwei will bring the Qufu Li family with a history of hundreds of years of inheritance. Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedics has a very wide range of practicability and pertinence, and the clinical effect is particularly simple and obvious.

The fourth generation inheritor, Professor Li Tongsheng, is the first person in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Traditional Chinese Medicine recorded in Wikipedia, and an international leader of traditional Chinese medicine.

Professor Li Qiangwei is the fifth-generation academic inheritor of Qufu Li's Orthopedics and Traumatology.

Qufu Li's Orthopedics and Traumatology is one of the academic schools of Orthopedics and Traumatology. It has a history of more than 160 years from 1823 to the present.

To a certain extent, an excellent orthopaedic surgeon is equal to internal medicine and surgery plus gynecology. It is not only about manipulation, but also requires a good foundation of traditional Chinese medicine, learns the four diagnosis and eight principles, and applies it clinically.

Qufu Li's Orthopaedic Department believes that from the overall concept, the human body's zang-fu organs, meridians, qi, blood, body fluid, essence, fluid, skin, veins, meat, tendons, bones and other parts are an organic whole. The outside and inside are closely linked. Although fracture is a local disease, it traumatizes the muscles and bones and moves the internal organs.

Therefore, in the treatment of fractures, the internal dysfunction cannot be ignored, that is, taking into account both the local and the whole, equal emphasis on bone and soft tissue, unification of fixation and movement, and coordination of medical measures with the patient's subjective initiative. For details, please click below to watch the video introduction~

Qufu Li's Orthopedics and Traumatology Manipulation is based on the traditional Chinese medicine bone-setting manipulation as the main body, with the beneficial parts of Wudang Neijia as the basic practice. On the basis of these manipulations, it is formed by extensively absorbing the achievements of modern natural science and modern medicine. The first priority is to use light, smart, smart, and skillful methods to make patients unaware of the harm. Clumsy force is prohibited, which aggravates the pain of patients. The use of medicine is based on dialectical combination of disease differentiation, focusing on practical results, forming a unique theoretical system with extraordinary Wide range of practicality and pertinence, the clinical effect is particularly simple and obvious.

Lumbar spinal stenosis, a common disease in traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics, is one of the most common causes of low back and leg pain. It is caused by the degeneration and aging of spinal structures such as intervertebral discs and articular processes. Numbness and pain occur when walking, but the symptoms can be relieved after squatting or resting; because the early symptoms are not obvious, they are often ignored, but if not treated early, it will gradually lead to weakness or loss of control of bowel and bladder, and inability to walk in both lower limbs , and even paralyzed, living a life in a wheelchair, therefore, should be treated as soon as possible.

In clinical practice, there are surgical treatments and non-surgical treatments. Laminectomy and decompression are often used in surgical treatment, but it is easy to cause nerve center damage after surgery; non-surgical treatments include acupuncture, small needle knife, Chinese chiropractic manipulation, prescription treatment, etc., to reduce the severity of stenosis , thereby providing patients with an alternative to surgical treatment, reducing pain symptoms and reducing postoperative sequelae caused by secondary trauma.

Treatment methods and effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine alternative surgery for LSS – 125 clinical case studies, the study concluded that: according to symptoms and signs, recurrence rate analysis showed that the total rate of lumbar spinal stenosis treated with Lee’s Traumatology non-surgical prescription was 73%, The long-term effective rate is 97%.


[QH Live] Series of professional teaching courses: Qufu Li's Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopaedic Clinical Therapy Phase I (10 sessions in total)

7/24/2021 - 9/25/2021 Welcome to inquire and register!

7 characteristics of Professor Li's academics:

  1. First: Combine the five-generation Li's special-effects diagnosis and treatment method for fractures and tendons, which has been handed down from five generations, combined with modern anatomy and physical mechanics theory, to improve the scientific and effective orthopaedic diagnosis and treatment of painless bone setting and tendon continuation. Over the years, he has cured countless Chinese and foreign patients with bone injuries and fractures.
  2. Second: The theory and treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine chiropractic and bone setting are used for the treatment of female-related diseases, especially female scoliosis and pelvic fractures and pelvic floor dysfunction such as infertility and other gynecological diseases.
  3. Third: scientifically and modernize the decoction and ointment of the family secret medicine, and produce it by the GMP pharmaceutical factory certified by the US FDA, using the most advanced herbal extraction technology, and make it into the most popular, easy to carry and take. Pure natural capsules, including: "Tongdu Jibao SpineHealth ReviveTM" for treating low back and leg pain, "Women's DayRenew & NightRepairTM" for regulating endocrine women's three-phase maintenance, etc., let traditional Chinese medicine go to the world.
  4. Fourth: As the ninth level of the World Kung Fu Women's Duan, Professor Li Qiangwei, a member of the World Kung Fu Wushu Duan Ranking System Association, who practiced martial arts since childhood, established and supported Wudang Kung Fu Association in the United States and New Zealand, and trained and taught a large number of students. Chinese and foreign martial arts talents, organically combine the traditional Chinese medicine orthopaedic treatment method with the traditional Wudang Neijiagong exercise therapy, teach doctors how to use internal strength to strengthen the body, and use proper internal strength to treat patients, and teach patients to use self-exercise therapy to stimulate It can restore the function of its own limbs and improve the physical quality of patients, which not only cures their injuries, but also provides exercise therapy and a healthy lifestyle for the patients, so as to help the majority of patients to prevent diseases and re-establish a healthy life equation. Substitute preventive medicine into clinical treatment and as an integral part of medical procedures.
  5. Fifth: Combining clinical treatment and the use of internal meditation methods, using Chinese medicine psychology to mobilize the patient, so that the pineal gland of the brain enters a state of repair, allowing the patient to detoxify and exhale, release positive energy and strengthen self-healing function . Mind-guided therapy.
  6. Sixth: Self-made and ascetic guqin music in clinical application of ancient phonology therapy: that is, using the principle of five-tone entering the five internal organs, combining the millennium five-element theory with the five-tone five-zang-organ, using the five-element theory according to the meridian flow time, using acupuncture medicine and bone-setting to treat injuries and treat According to the attributes of the five elements of the patient, the ancient five tones are combined, and the patients are taught the luck of the five tones after surgery. The treatment effect is multiplied with half the effort, and the majority of patients benefit!
  7. Seventh: After many years of intensive training under the tutelage of Professor Li Tongsheng, a famous master of traditional Chinese medicine, Mr. Li personally taught the ancient books and secret methods of the ancient esoteric "Thirteen Sections of Zhu Youshu". This therapy is hypnotism. It uses psychological suggestion therapy and guidance method to guide patients to activate the cells and tissues in the body and restore the "self" and "self". According to statistics, 35% of patients in the world can be cured through psychotherapy, which is also an important topic in our ongoing life research.


Under the guidance of its own theoretical system, Qufu Li's Orthopedics and Traumatology Department has formed unique treatment methods, including manipulations (osteopathic manipulations, tendon manipulation manipulations, internal injury manipulations, rehabilitation manipulations, arthralgia manipulation manipulations, etc.), fixation, drug treatment, and Daoyin exercises. Law.

Surgical treatment of orthopaedic diseases can easily lead to nerve damage after surgery, and the treatment time is long, and patients are also easy to give up because they cannot participate in work in time, leaving a lot of sequelae and affecting the subsequent quality of life.

TCM Orthopedics and Traumatology is a valuable asset of TCM, but it is gradually being lost. Feeling this, Ms. Li Qiangwei, who has been practicing medicine for more than 50 years, especially wants to apply the orthopaedic techniques and other techniques she has learned without reservation. Teach everyone, compared with surgical treatment, non-surgical TCM orthopaedic treatment has a higher safety factor, less pain for patients, good functional recovery, short course of treatment, patients are willing to accept, and doctors are also easy to operate treatment, two reductions and one guarantee, improve Clinical efficacy, reduce patient burden.


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Introduction of the teacher

Section 1: Introduction to Qufu Li's Orthopedics and Traumatology
1) Diagnosis and treatment mechanism of equal emphasis on prevention and treatment, equal emphasis on muscles and bones, and equal emphasis on acupuncture and medicine
2) Introduction to follow-up courses

Section 2: Manipulation of tendons and bone-setting commonly used by Li's Traumatology Department in Qufu
1) The essentials and application of the eight major methods of massage
2) The essentials and application of the ten major bone-setting methods

Section 3: Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Intractable Diseases of the Cervical Spine
Section 4: Treatment and Exercise Therapy for Shoulder and Neck Syndrome
Section 5: Diagnosis and treatment of frozen shoulder (frozen shoulder)
Section 6: Diagnosis and Treatment of Shoulder Dislocation
Section 7: Differential diagnosis of low back pain and common clinical low back diseases
Section 8: Diagnosis and treatment of acute lumbar sprain
Section 9: Diagnosis and treatment of chronic lumbar muscle strain
Section 10: Diagnosis and Treatment of Intervertebral Disc Herniation


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