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3 Minute Eye Care Acupressure Massage to Reduce Wrinkle, Relieve Eye strain!

Massaging these acupuncture points can also help reduce wrinkle formation, relieve eye strain, and improve eyesight!

Through the circulation of the meridians, facial massage can strengthen the functioning of the spleen and stomach, improve the body's detoxification function, and boost metabolism!

3-minute Beauty Acupressure Massage

Facial massage can effectively stimulate acupuncture points, help accelerate skin metabolism to achieve detoxification, and can eliminate skin dark spots, wrinkles, nasolabial folds, forehead lines, protruding eyes, drooping eyes, dark circles, acne muscles, etc.

Especially around the eye area, there are quite a number of effective acupuncture points that are related to vision, correct stimulation can help reduce fine lines, slow wrinkle formation, release eye pressure hence improve sight vision. 

Acupuncture points such as “Eyeming”, “Cuanzhu”, “Chengqi”, “Temple“,  (see dots on picture below), can effectively prevent and slow down myopia and presbyopia.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, facial massage has a direct and obvious effect on the health of the organs through the meridians. The information from the outside world is mostly received by the facial senses, such as sight, hearing, and smell.

If the body is in a good state, the sensitivity of the five senses will be higher! Training and maintaining five sense functions can also stimulate the body’s response to make the activity vigorous, which can effectively curb aging.



How to perform facial massage – meridian Skincare?

  1. Apply facial oil/cream on the face and rub the palms of both hands until lukewarm.
  2. Place your hands on your cheeks and gently massage in a circular motion from the inside to the outside.
  3. Use the tip of a middle finger, and index finger and ring finger to gently massage from the eyebrow to the hairline or massage it in a rotating motion. The technique needs to be gentle.
  4. Use the middle finger, index finger, and ring finger to massage from the chin along the direction of the ear in a spiral motion.
  5. Then do a acupressure massage in the same direction.
  6. Use the middle finger, index finger, and ring finger to make a spiral massage from the nose and along the direction of the ears.
  7. Then press and massage in the same direction.
  • The muscle lines of the face have different directions, some are walking horizontally, some are walking vertically, and some are circular sphincter (eyes, mouth), please make sure to correctly massage them!
  • Reminder: the skin of the face should be massaged from the inside out, or massaged in a circular motion
  • The muscles of the eyes and mouth are ring-shaped. Massage around the eye sockets and the corners of the mouth.

Once a day for about 3 minutes each time, it dredges the facial meridians, promotes blood circulation, strengthens internal organs, helps to reduce wrinkle formation and relieve eye strain.

At almost 70-year-old, Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li is from the infamous TCM family of six generations, offering her anti-aging techniques from 40+ years of clinical experience specializing in Women’s health. Join us for a FREE 90 mins LIVE anti-aging class with Dr. Li!

Best ways to perform TCM meridian anti-aging technique

  1. Gua Sha
    One reason gua sha works is because it moves the lymph! 
  2. Lymphatic massage
    A lymphatic drainage massage is designed to follow the pathways of the lymph, lymph nodes, and uses a soft touch to assist the body in draining and detoxifying. 
  3. Breathwork
    The diaphragm rises and falls with the breath, acting as a pump. Getting your diaphragm moving with some deep belly breathing through your nose can help calm your nervous system and help you move inner lymph, too.

    Inhale and send your breath to your belly (DanTian), feeling it soften and expand (focusing on your belly expanding, rather than your chest). Inhale even more and fill the lungs wide. As you exhale, let the breath fall out of you as the belly softens. Continue like this for a few minutes daily.

Check out the mini tutorial of Facial Gua Sha with Coach Maggie 👇


“I will give it my all to help enhance the quality of life of my students, by coaching you with the essence of ancient TCM and modern applications to best address your specific concerns. I was born to be the bridge, connecting Eastern with Western cultures, translating traditional health preservation wisdoms into practical methods for today’s lifestyle.”
Join Us and Experience the Many Benefits of Gua Sha (Lymphatic Drainage Massage) Today!


Ask Dr Li Profile1

Dr. Rose Qiangwei Li

Dr. Li is one of the world’s renowned authorities in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), at the age of nearly 70 years old, Dr. Li specializes in Women’s Health and Orthopedics with over 40 years of clinical experience. 

Currently the Vice Chairperson and Chief Physician of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Society (WFCMS) Orthopedics Committee, Dr. Li holds numerous tertiary qualifications, awards and accolades in the field of TCM and Health Science. Besides practicing as a TCM doctor, she’s also teaching online passing down her years of anti-aging experience using the invaluable TCM techniques and generations of wisdom.


Maggie Zhu

Coach Maggie

Coach Maggie was born and raised in a family of Chinese Traditional Medicine and Martial Arts of six generations, she is currently the Specialty Fitness Instructor at Google Headquarters in the USA and the Head Wellness Coach at Li Natural International.  Maggie has been training in Herbal Medicine, the Meridian System, and Internal Kung Fu from a very young age. She has more than 15 years of teaching experience worldwide.

As a professional engineer in her previous professional life, Coach Maggie’s teaching combines the best of scientific principles and traditional wisdom, to help maintain students’ physical and mental health, and raise self preventative-care awareness for lifelong benefits. Her ability to translate traditional health preservation concepts into useful wellness practice for today’s busy lifestyle make her teachings an invaluable asset for her students.

In her spare time, Coach Maggie teaches Meridian Practice for Charities and Non-profit organizations. She also values every moment with her two children, introducing them to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Internal Kungfu, passing on the values and culture, just like what her mother and grandparents did when she was a young child.

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