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Large Intestine Meridian Lymphatic Drainage & Skincare

Large Intestine Meridian Lymphatic Drainage & Skincare

Smoothing the Large Intestine Meridian helps to improve constipation, eliminate wrinkles, detoxify the body, fight acne, and reveal beautiful skin!

"Keeping the channels and collaterals unblocked” is the supreme principle of health maintenance in Chinese medicine. It emphasizes the basic purpose of exercise based on the concepts of qi (vital energy) and blood circulation in the meridians, spine health, and posture and habit formation. Exercise self-healing and health as the goal.

Are you suffering from acne, dull skin, skin discoloration, and wrinkles? Experiencing inexplicable toothache, diarrhea, indigestion, or constipation? These are actually symptoms of obstruction of the large intestine. When the large intestine is out of balance, the path where it floats experiences pain or swelling.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the body has 12 meridians that are the backbone that supports the circulation of qi and blood in the entire body.

The meridians and collaterals correlate to each internal organ, and they are connected to each other to form a network of “qi” (vital energy), “blood” (nourishing substances), and various body fluid circulations. The body surface, limbs, and viscera maintain the normal physiological functions of the body. Therefore, if the “meridians” are unblocked, qi and blood can flow through the body smoothly, the viscera, skin, muscles, bones, joints, and other tissues can be nourished, and the body will not suffer from illness.

Based on the meridian concept, the lung and the large intestine have a complementary relationship between the outside and the inside of the body. “The lung” also governs the surface of the body and skin.

When the lung is weak, toxins will accumulate in the large intestine meridian, and the skin will show acne or eczema. When the large intestine channel is unblocked, the toxins in the body are discharged, the skin will naturally become more brightened, and less prone to dark spots and acne.

5 benefits of the large intestine meridian lymphatic drainage:

  1. Brightens dull, uneven skin caused by inner congestion in the digestive system;
  2. Improves blood circulation and prevent aging;
  3. Strengthens the function of the large intestine, prevent and resolve constipation;
  4. Releases shoulder pain

How to perform a Large Intestine Meridian lymphatic drainage?

Form a “spoon shape” with your palm, pat along the path of the large intestine meridian on both arms, once a day, for about 5 minutes each time, it helps blood circulation, strengthens the function of the large intestine, prevents and solves the problem of constipation. You can also massage the following three important points on the large intestine meridian for maintenance.

    • Hegu Point: The tiger’s mouth is close together, located at the highest point of the muscle bulge.

    • Quchi Point: The end of the horizontal stripes on the outside of the elbow bend.

  • Yingxiang Point: The law lines on the outer edge of the nose.


Best ways to perform TCM meridian anti-aging technique

  1. Gua Sha
    One reason gua sha works is because it moves the lymph! 
  2. Lymphatic massage
    A lymphatic drainage massage is designed to follow the pathways of the lymph, lymph nodes, and uses a soft touch to assist the body in draining and detoxifying. 
  3. Breathwork
    The diaphragm rises and falls with the breath, acting as a pump. Getting your diaphragm moving with some deep belly breathing through your nose can help calm your nervous system and help you move inner lymph, too.

    Inhale and send your breath to your belly (DanTian), feeling it soften and expand (focusing on your belly expanding, rather than your chest). Inhale even more and fill the lungs wide. As you exhale, let the breath fall out of you as the belly softens. Continue like this for a few minutes daily.

Check out the mini tutorial of Facial Gua Sha with Coach Maggie 👇

“I will give it my all to help enhance the quality of life of my students, by coaching you with the essence of ancient TCM and modern applications to best address your specific concerns. I was born to be the bridge, connecting Eastern with Western cultures, translating traditional health preservation wisdoms into practical methods for today’s lifestyle.”

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